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Shah Rukh Khan responds to John Cena’s viral video, says ‘Love you and I want a duet...’

Recently professional wrestler John Cena grabbed headlines after a video of him singing 'Bholi Si Surat' from 'Dil To Pagal Hai' went viral. Here is how Shah Rukh Khan responded to it.

Shah Rukh Khan responds to John Cena’s viral video, says ‘Love you and I want a duet...’

Shah Rukh Khan praises John Cena and his gym fellow. 

Last Updated: 05.40 PM, Feb 25, 2024


Professional wrestler John Cena recently grabbed eyeballs with a viral video of himself singing 'Bholi Si Surat' from the film 'Dil To Pagal Hai'. This unexpected display surprised fans worldwide. However, Cena didn't stop there. Following the video's viral success, he further intrigued his followers by sharing a picture of Shah Rukh Khan on Instagram. As Cena's online presence continues to soar, he receives yet another reason to celebrate today: superstar Shah Rukh Khan has responded to Cena's video, adding to the excitement.

Shah Rukh Khan responds to John Cena’s viral video

If you observe the viral video carefully, John Cena can be seen singing the song along with his gym coach. Reacting to the video, Shah Rukh Khan cheerfully said on microblogging site X, “Thank u both…. Love it and love you @JohnCena, I am gonna send you my latest songs and I want a duet from the two of you again!!! Ha ha”

Lakhs of social media users have appreciated/liked this post of Shah Rukh Khan on X.

More about John Cena’s Instagram post ft. Shah Rukh Khan

After the success of the viral video, John posted a photo of Shah Rukh Khan standing tall with his signature pose on Instagram. Due to his viral video’s success, Cena’s post on SRK managed to grab attention.

Cena, renowned for his enigmatic Instagram posts sans captions, continued this trend with the picture of Khan, sparking an internet frenzy. Despite the absence of words, the post garnered over 480K likes and drew attention from various notable entities. Among those chiming in were Zomato, Netflix India, WWE India, OYO Rooms, Sony Pictures Television India, and SpiceJet Airlines. SpiceJet quipped, "Jawan Cena."

On the professional front, Shah Rukh Khan recently graced the opening ceremony of the Women’s Premier League.

Further, Shah Rukh Khan is set to showcase his action prowess in the upcoming film "King." Directed by Sujoy Ghosh, "King" promises to deliver gripping thrills and excitement. What adds a special touch to this project is the inclusion of SRK's daughter, Suhana Khan, sharing the screen with him. Rumours suggest that Sujoy Ghosh has already approached SRK for another project, and it appears that the deal has been finalized, with production set to commence soon.

Once Shah Rukh wraps up filming with Suhana Khan, he will transition to India's biggest action film, "Tiger v/s Pathaan," alongside Salman Khan. The pre-production phase for "Tiger v/s Pathaan" is currently underway, with shooting slated to begin in a matter of weeks.

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