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Shah Rukh Khan's this response resurface as Kajol questions Pathaan box office collections

Kajol has drawn flak after she raised questions on the actual collections of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan's Pathaan. 

Shah Rukh Khan's this response resurface as Kajol questions Pathaan box office collections
Kajol has sparked a controversy.

Last Updated: 12.13 PM, Jul 17, 2023


Actress Kajol faced a massive backlash on social media when she playfully raised questions about superstar Shah Rukh Khan's previous blockbuster Pathaan. During an interview, when Kajol was asked what question she will ask Shah Rukh Khan, she said, "How much did Pathaan really make?." 

Kajol's quip on the movie, which is considered one of the biggest hits of all time, blew up on social media, and many criticised her for trying to cast doubt on the movie's success . Some even claimed that she was jealous of the box-office performance of Pathaan. And some started tweeting about the possibility of the producers of Paathan feeding inflated numbers to the trade pundits to make the collection figures look a lot bigger than they actually were. 

Amid the raging debate over Pathaan's box office performance, an old clip of Shah Rukh Khan expressing his strong dislike for those who claim to know the actual box office collections of his movies. In 2017, the Jawan star participated in a special AIB Podcast, where he vented his frustrations against some issues that disturb him. And of the matters that disturbed him was people sending him the collection reports of his movies. 

"Please guys and girls, and everybody, don't send me collections of films. I make films. I know the collections! This is the business I'm in. I produce and distribute films. What the film is doing on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, inflated, deflated, I know!," SRK rued. 

"Do you know Tuesday collection? No! I know my Tuesday collection to the last penny! I hate seeing it in my office. You have the wrong figures," he added. 

Pathaan is touted to be one of the highest-grossing films of all time , with its global ticket sales exceeding Rs 100 crore. The movie gave a big confidence boost to Bollywood, which has been struggling to make movies that appeal to the sensibilities of the mass audience. 

The trade is confident that Shah Rukh Khan's Jawan will also score a huge hit at the box office, beating the collection records of Pathaan. 

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