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Shamshera song Kaale Naina teaser: Vaani Kapoor flaunts her impressive dance moves in the upcoming track

Ranbir Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt are also a part of the song which will be released only in theatres.

Shamshera song Kaale Naina teaser: Vaani Kapoor flaunts her impressive dance moves in the upcoming track
Vaani Kapoor in a still from Shamshera
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Last Updated: 06.42 AM, Jul 18, 2022


With the actioner Shamshera, which debuts this Friday, July 22, Ranbir Kapoor portrays a larger-than-life classic Hindi film hero. The much-anticipated action extravaganza's release week saw the release of a teaser for another important song, Kaale Naina, which the filmmakers are saving for the movie so that viewers will learn more about Shamshera when they see it in all of its splendour on the big screen. Vaani Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt, and Ranbir Kapoor, who is at his mischievous best, all appear in the massively produced song.

Director Karan Malhotra says this about the song, stating Ranbir's performance unfolds like the Navrasas in Shamshera, meaning that he dabbles in numerous genres in the same film. He will deliver sarcastic wit as Balli in addition to appearing in a never-before-seen action avatar. Balli is the master of mischief in Kaza prison, and Ranbir will be at his funniest in the song Kaale Naina, the major dance number, with the gorgeous Vaani Kapoor as Sona.

He continued by saying that he couldn't say much about their favourite song, Kaale Naina. They want the audience to celebrate it in all its splendour on the big screen because they believe it has a unique entertainment value. Vaani looks stunning in it, Sanjay Dutt's spectacular swag is present, and Ranbir Kapoor performs an act that has never been seen before. When people hear Kaale Naina in its entirety only in theatres, they hope audiences will dance.

Sanjay Dutt, who portrays the cruel, callous, cold-hearted brute force of nature Shuddh Singh, is matched against Ranbir, who is returning to the big screen four years after he delivered the smash hit Sanju.

Regarding Balli's naughty demeanour, Ranbir believes that Kaale Naina is a delightful song that would demonstrate it. The actor stated that his character is constantly engaged in illicit activities. He is an absolute daredevil and a happy-go-lucky man. No matter how great the risk, Balli is someone who will always choose to be bold. He believes he cannot be caught and takes great satisfaction in his ability to move so quickly. He is sure that people will laugh hysterically when they watch his antics in Kaale Naina.

Ranbir also said that the song features Vaani Kapoor looking great and basically showcases their amusing chemistry. YRF wishes to preserve this song in the movie for viewers to enjoy. They want to keep the song under wraps because they are sure it will become a talking point when people see the movie. This will heighten the anticipation for the song. He simply hopes that when they watch the song in theatres, everyone will enjoy Balli's crazy, hilarious antics.