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Shark Tank 3- ‘Attar’ entrepreneur Adil Qadri calls himself ‘Gunda of the Industry’; Anupam Mittal bows out of the deal

Shark Tank 3 premiered on January 22, 2024. This season, the 12 Sharks are going to make or break start-ups by analysing their merit. Now, it is Adil Qadri's turn to be pricked and prodded.

Shark Tank 3- ‘Attar’ entrepreneur Adil Qadri calls himself ‘Gunda of the Industry’; Anupam Mittal bows out of the deal
Adil Qadri in Shark Tank 3

Last Updated: 01.31 PM, Jan 23, 2024


Shark Tank 3 finally began airing on TV and OTT on January 22, 2024. As the first episode was released, excitement was high among the youth with dreams in their eyes. This season, Shark Tank will have 12 Sharks instead of the usual 6. And all 12 of them were ready to receive Adil Qadri, the pitcher, after successful first-pitcher Mayank Pratap Sisodia’s departure.

Adil Qadri's pitch and background

Adil Qadri, a resident of Bilimora, is a promising entrepreneur who has put his birthplace on the map by making it pretty big on his own. Despite failing school in fourth or fifth grade due to asthma problems, which created problems in his line of business as well, Adil never gave up. And he is now impactful enough to nickname himself the ‘Gunda of the Industry’.


His pitch to the sharks is a desi way of using attars. Adil’s business has processed a massive influx of 10 lakh orders, an average of 3,000 per day. His brand, Adil Qadri, has long-lasting attars with premium packaging that appeal to the younger generation as well. His ask is Rs 1 crore for 0.5% equity.

The reception of the 12 Sharks

Initially, all the Sharks are intrigued by his dynamic approach but soon lose a little interest after hearing about his Rs 6 crore debt. Anupam Mittal bows out of the deal and tells Adil, “Gunday jail jaate hai, aapko toh Badshah banna hai.”

He advises Qadri to find himself a ‘cushion’ and do long-term planning before experimenting with businesses. Only then will his business stand. Vineeta Singh gives him a condition-attached offer. Rs 1 crore for 1% equity along with 1% royalty, till the Rs 1 crore is gathered. Adil gladly takes the deal.

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