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Shark Tank India 2: Judges turn comedians as an exasperated Namita Thapar exclaims “ Draamebaazi chodo, offer do”

The founders of Kyari Innovations came to the tank to pitch an innovative ‘smart stick’.

Shark Tank India 2: Judges turn comedians as an exasperated Namita Thapar exclaims “ Draamebaazi chodo, offer do”

  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 09.47 AM, Jan 20, 2023


The entrepreneurs who make their way onto Shark Tank India seem to have a knack for finding solutions to each and every problem a person can face. The founders who took to the tank on the latest episode of the show had an innovative solution to protect hikers from the array of dangers they can face during the course of their hike. The pitch was certainly an interesting one indeed, not only because of the pitchers, but also because of the fun time the sharks had joking around with each other during the same.

Siblings Smratika and Abhay, founders of Kyari innovations, pitched their unique innovation, a smart stick which could have the potential to protect and help hikers during the course of their hike. The stick had a number of features, including a flashlight, siren and taser, which could combat different problems a hiker could face.

As the siblings spoke of how hikers could find themselves surrounded by wild animals, Anupam Mittal drew first blood by joking that they are surrounded by dangerous ‘sharks’ right now. Abhay’s story of how he had faced a tiger on his hike, inspired Aman Gupta to poetry. The boAt CMO sang “Sher sunne mein maza aata hain, sher dekhne mein maza aata hain, par jab sher saamne aata hain tho, pant aage se geeli aur peeche se peeli ho jaati hain”. The other judges sighed and laughed.

When the founders demonstrated the taser, Namita Thapar asked whether people might not misuse it, say on their husbands for example. Amit Jain and Anupam could not resist pulling Namita’s leg about her comment. Anupam joked that she should keep her house’s problems within the house itself, rather than air them on public tv.

The founders had come with an ask of Rs 51 lakhs for 1% equity in their company, and all the sharks joined in to make them counter offers, with Namita-Amit and Peyush-Aman-Anupam teaming up.

Peyush and Namita have some delightful banter. When Peyush said that he was getting ‘goof vibes’ from the founders, Namita joked that it was because he heard their sales numbers. When Namita and Amit talked about what they would bring to the table, Peyush retorted that they were a pharmaceutical company and a car selling company. Not one to back down, Namita said that Peyush sold spectacles, and joked that the hikers would be able to see much better when a bear came to attack them. Aman even dropped his popular ‘hum bhi bana lenge’ line as well.

As Aman tried to give his reasons for why he wants to invest, Anupam joked that the former just wanted to sing his poem in front of an actual tiger. On Aman’s joke that he wanted to support ‘young’ entrepreneurs like himself, an exasperated Namita remarked “Draamebaazi chodo, offer do”.

Peyush says that he is impressed with their innovations and all. As Aman tries to give his reason, Anupam intervenes and jokes that Aman just wants to sing his poem in front of an actual wild animal.

In the end after a lot of offers and counter offers, where Aman dropped out, the founders made a deal with Anupama nd Peyush for Rs 51 lakhs for 6% equity.