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Shark Tank India 2: Netizens want Sippline founder to return as a shark, here's why

Rohit Warrier, who appeared as a pitcher in season one, had to return without getting a deal.

Shark Tank India 2: Netizens want Sippline founder to return as a shark, here's why

Last Updated: 08.42 PM, Jan 13, 2023


Of all the memorable pitches in Shark Tank India’s first season, one that earned a place in viewers’ minds was definitely Sippline’s. The company was founded by Rohit Warrier, and manufactures ‘drinking shields’ in the form of plastic rims which can be placed over the rims of glasses, so as to avoid contaminations that might arise from being in direct contact with a dirty glass. The pitcher found himself having to leave the tank disappointed, when none of the sharks offered him a deal. Ashneer Grover in particular was harsh in his criticism of both the founder and the product.

But this snag did not stop Rohit. The entrepreneur soon became popular among netizens with his witty videos for promoting his product, some of which even included indirect digs against the Shark Tank India judges. So it was no surprise that netizens wanted him to return to the show, not as a pitcher, but as a shark!

Netizens seemed to have gotten the idea after an inspiring story from the US version of Shark Tank went viral. Jamie Siminoff, the founder of Doorbot, a doorbell security system, went on the show 5 years ago to pitch his invention. After four sharks declared themselves ‘out’ of the deal and one shark made him an unappealing offer, Jamie decided to walk away without an investment. But his company soon found other investors and soon the entrepreneur became a magnate, triumphantly returning to the tank years later as a shark himself.

This inspiring story caught the eye of many netizens, and some even started tagging the Sippline founder in the comments of a video about Jamie.

The same was posted by the business, who remarked that the faith netizens had in Rohit brought tears to their eyes.

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