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Shark Tank India 3 – Radhika Gupta gets emotional while sharing the reason behind her neck problem

Shark Tank India Season 3’s newest investor Radhika Gupta has something to say about her neck problem.

Shark Tank India 3 – Radhika Gupta gets emotional while sharing the reason behind her neck problem

Radhika Gupta (Image from her Instagram.)

Last Updated: 07.48 PM, Mar 17, 2024


Shark Tank India Season 3 is one of the most popular business reality shows in India. With the retention of six Sharks from the previous season, this Season showcases new Sharks in new additions as well. Radhika Gupta is one of the new Sharks on the show. She runs an eminent mutual funds company. Recently, she revealed that she has a neck problem because she was kept in an ‘incubator’ as a newborn.

Latest promo of Shark Tank India Season 3

The latest promotional video for Shark Tank India Season 3 featured Pratyusha Pareddy and Manoj Sanker, founders of Nemocare. They presented an innovative baby-monitoring device that impressed the Sharks (alias investors). However, investor Radhika Gupta expressed concerns about its profitability and shared a personal story.

In the promo, Pareddy and Sanker aim to save over a million newborn lives. Their medical device allows doctors to remotely monitor vital signs and make timely medical decisions for the baby's health.

However, the atmosphere changed when Radhika Gupta shared a personal anecdote, disclosing, "I have a neck problem because I was placed in an incubator as a newborn." Hearing this, Aman Gupta, Vineeta Singh and other Sharks present on the panel felt sad.

What is the secret behind Radhika’s success?

Radhika Gupta, CEO of Edelweiss Asset Management, recently stressed that relentless effort is crucial for startups to build a competitive advantage. She narrated an encounter where an investor asked about her mutual fund's unique value proposition.

Gupta bluntly stated on Youtuber Think School's Indian Business Podcast, "We'll work even harder." She explained that despite the abundance of competitors, her commitment to tirelessly outworking others sets her apart. This determination has been evident since she first started in the industry seven years ago.

Meanwhile, if you wish to watch Shark Tank India Season 3, you can watch it anytime on the Sony LIV app. Season 3 of the show has been airing since January 22.

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