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Shark Tank India 3 – Upcoming episodes to feature Ronnie Screwvala, Vineeta’s imaginary bridal look and more

The upcoming week’s episodes of Shark Tank India Season 3 will be high on entertainment and investments. Read here to know what is in store.

Shark Tank India 3 – Upcoming episodes to feature Ronnie Screwvala, Vineeta’s imaginary bridal look and more

Stills from the upcoming episodes of Shark Tank India S3. 

Last Updated: 05.31 PM, Feb 10, 2024


Shark Tank India Season 3, a gripping business reality TV series broadcasted on Sony Entertainment Television, showcases the entrepreneurial prowess of Indian innovators. Each episode features aspiring entrepreneurs presenting their business concepts to a discerning panel of investors, known as Sharks, aiming to secure funding for their ventures. This season boasts a dynamic lineup of 12 accomplished business personalities, ready to evaluate and potentially invest in promising ventures. With brands eagerly vying for investment opportunities, the show maintains its high viewership ratings. The latest promo has only heightened anticipation for what promises to be another thrilling season.

Shark Tank India Season 3 latest promo

At the beginning of the promo, we see the entry of one of India’s richest businessmen, Ronnie Screwvala, as a Shark on the show. His fellow Sharks warmly welcomed him on the show.

Later, as the promo commences, we see a short glimpse of how an online makeup salon service operates in the country. Hearing their pitch brought a smile to the faces of the panelists.

As the promo progresses, we see the entry of another makeup brand. While the founders of the brand were presenting their idea, Ritesh Agarwal – one of the Sharks on the show, funnily remarked that Vineeta Singh’s look appeared to be a bridal on the brand’s app. All the panelists and founders laughed.

In one more interesting scene of the promo, we see how a sports tech brand promises to train and track athletes of young India. Amit Jain tried to make use of a product offered by the brand. While viewing Amit’s efforts to use the products, all the other panelists on the show laughed.

The promo concludes with Sharks giving a reality check to some brands and their founders.

More about the show

In the latest episode of 'Shark Tank India 3', viewers witnessed an unprecedented showdown between two leading luggage brands: 'Assembly' and 'Nasher Miles'. These brands, both renowned for their innovation in the travel gear industry, brought forth their unique features and innovative approaches, challenging the conventional norms.

'Assembly', helmed by Mohit Garg and Aditya Khanna, prides itself on its minimalist aesthetics and a rich legacy in luggage craftsmanship, passed down through generations.

Meanwhile, 'Nasher Miles', founded by Lokesh Daga, Abhishek Daga, and Shruti Kedia Daga, stands out as a contemporary travel brand that emphasizes the transformative power of color and design in travel gear.

The competition reached a fever pitch as 'Assembly' pitched for Rs 85 lakh in exchange for one percent equity, while 'Nasher Miles' presented a counterproposal of Rs 3 crore for 0.75 percent equity.

Ultimately, despite 'Assembly's efforts, they did not secure the deal, while 'Nasher Miles' emerged victorious, successfully striking a deal with the investors.

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