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Shark Tank India judge Aman Gupta talks about his love story with wife Priya Dagar and it is DDLJ rewind

Aman Gupta was last seen as Shark Tank India 2 judge.

Shark Tank India judge Aman Gupta talks about his love story with wife Priya Dagar and it is DDLJ rewind
Aman Gupta, Priya Dagar.

Last Updated: 07.51 PM, Apr 14, 2023


Aman Gupta, who has been in news as Shark Tank India judge, spoke about his love story with wife Priya Dagar. The story is a rewind to Shah Rukh Khan-Kajol’s Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ). Well, at least an iconic scene from the film.

Aman spoke to Beer Biceps about his love story. “My wife Priya was not too interested in me,” he revealed.

Aman then added that his current wife broke up with him but he wasn’t ready to give it up just yet. “One day, out of the blue, she texted me that ‘We had a good time together but I don’t want to continue this relationship further,” Aman shared.

He then continued that she left on the train after breaking up. That is where the DDLJ connect starts. “She got on the train and she’s going and she was like, we’re done types, right? And I loved her,” Aman started.

He then shared that his father behaved like Anupam Kher from DDLJ. “Dad saw me and he just thought, ‘What’s wrong with him? He’s looking a little weird.’ So he asked me ‘What happened?’ And after listening to me, he became Anupam Kher from the movie DDLJ. He said, ‘Go son, bring your Simran back,” Aman spilled.

What’s next? Aman turned Raj from DDLJ and went to catch the train. He shares, “So there’s nothing in my hands, I was wearing normal jeans t-shirt and was standing on the platform. And I saw her name on the chart. I didn’t have a ticket or anything. The train was leaving the platform and I got in it too. I looked at her, like a hero and said ‘hi.’ So she was like, ‘Dude what’s going on? How did he get on this train?”

It is how what their love story in the middle looked like. “I tried to convince her and we spoke,” he continued. Aman then wrapped up the love story saying, “After that, Priya and I have been together for the last 18 years.”

Aman became successful in 2016 after becoming the CEO of boat. Currently, his net worth is Rs. 700 crores.

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