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Shashank Arora wishes he had THESE qualities of Irrfan Khan

The actor worked with the late Irrfan Khan in his last film, The Song of Scorpions

Shashank Arora wishes he had THESE qualities of Irrfan Khan
Shashank Arora

Last Updated: 08.50 PM, May 10, 2023


Shashank Arora feels fortunate to have worked with his favourite actor, the late Irrfan Khan, in his last film, The Song of Scorpions. The actor recently shared a few qualities of the legendary actor that he wishes to imbibe.

In a conversation with OTTplay, Shashank said, "Having a sense of breathing when you are performing is very important, and I wish I could get just 10 percent of the control that Irrfan sir had over his breath. I realised how your performance changes completely based on that. Almost 99 percent of actors tend to constrict their breathing when the camera starts rolling, and then they become too conscious. Irrfan sir was the opposite of that. He was in his most relaxed state of mind when the camera began rolling."

Shashank went on to add, "Another thing I wish to imbibe from Irrfan sir is a sense of being present in every moment and letting things unfold before you. He would just allow the magic to happen. His performance used to look so natural onscreen because he allowed it to happen. Living in each moment and being present is the power of a performer, and sir had that."

Directed by Anup Singh, The Song of Scorpions also stars Golshifteh Farahani, Sara Arjun, and Shefali Bhushan. It is currently playing in theatres.

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