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SHE Season 2 trailer: Aaditi Pohankar as undercover cop once again turns sex worker to uncover the truth of Mumbai's underbelly

On June 17, Netflix will premiere the high-octane drama series, created by Imtiaz Ali.

  • OTTplay Team

Last Updated: 06.40 AM, Jun 08, 2022

SHE Season 2 trailer: Aaditi Pohankar as undercover cop once again turns sex worker to uncover the truth of Mumbai's underbelly
Aaditi Pohankar in SHE Season 2

SHE's back! Netflix India has released the Season 2 trailer for Imtiaz Ali's crime drama series SHE after much anticipation. In an action-packed season, Aaditi Pohankar reprises her brave role as Bhumika Pardeshi (Bhumi), a cop who goes undercover as a sex worker to uncover the truths of Mumbai's underbelly.

At the end of Season One, a shy Bhumi discovered her sexuality as well as her confidence. Season Two puts both of these newfound abilities to the test. Her commitment to the police force binds her, but her desire for Nayak, the drug lord and brutal assassin who is Bhumi's new love, pulls her in the opposite direction. Bhumi is evolving, but will her loyalties change as well? On June 17, Netflix will debut the high-octane drama series.

SHE: Season 2 is directed by Arif Ali and produced by Viacom 18 Studios' Tipping Point and Window Seat Films. It was written and created by Imtiaz Ali. Bhumi appears in a new dynamic avatar in the second season. She lives a double life, juggling duties, difficult relationships, and hidden secrets while juggling a double existence. SHE: Season 2 continues Bhumi's journey of self-discovery, focusing on themes of sexual awakening and duality. She is immensely captivating in the way she manages to be both the hunter and the hunted, plunging deeper into the intricate web of Nayak's schemes while deftly avoiding Fernandez's suspicions.

Imtiaz Ali, the series' writer and showrunner, said in a statement that SHE in the Second Season remains a very intimate story even as it catapults to a higher octane drama. She begins to be lured by the appeal of darkness as she becomes more comfortable in the role of a seductress. As Bhumi battles to decide which secrets she truly wants to keep, the thrill quotient rises, the canvas expands, and the approach becomes more persuasive.

While director Arif Ali explained that in the second season, Bhumi has to constantly walk a tightrope, not knowing which landmine her next step would land on. With death and destruction lurking around every corner, Bhumi's only hope of surviving is to undergo a metamorphosis. Bhumi transforms into a new person, continuously making life-altering decisions at the expense of trust and obligation, to the point that no one around her is safe. With various characters and their complexity at odds with Bhumi's promise of a riveting binge-watching of season 2, the adrenaline factor has been amplified.

In the seven-episode thrilling criminal thriller series, Kishore Kumar G, Vishwas Kini, Shivani Rangole, Sam Mohan, and Suhita Thatte, among others, play crucial roles.