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She Would Never Know ending explained - Why does Hyun-Seung set a challenge for Song-Ah to win him back?

The romance K-Drama, She Would Never Know is currently streaming on Netflix

She Would Never Know ending explained - Why does Hyun-Seung set a challenge for Song-Ah to win him back?

She Would Never Know

Last Updated: 09.19 PM, Jun 02, 2024


These days, Korean dramas are offering a diverse range of narratives. But classic love stories with determined women and dreamy men are still super popular. It's a mind-bending recipe that's still working quite well for the Korean industry, despite almost all of them being predictable. Some stories try to shake things up by adding chaotic extras like gangsters and courtroom dramas, but the typical romance story remains the centre of attraction such as in She Would Never Know. Although the title may sound cryptic, those who have already watched the series know what a unique blend of romance drama it is.

She Would Never Know plot


The story dives into the world of cosmetics marketing and highlights office romance. Yoon Song-Ah, a confident senior, leads a team, while newcomer Chae Hyun-Seung, is eager to grow in the industry, under her leadership. As they navigate the fast-paced world of beauty products and brand strategies, their professional paths keep crossing, and eventually, Hyun-Seung falls in love with Song-Ah. So, the question is will Song-Ah also reciprocate the love? Or something unimaginable would happen?

How does She Would Never Know end?

After every cliffhanger in each episode, the climax comes as a relief to the viewers. After the heartbreaking split between the two, Hyun-Seung gives a second chance to Song-Ah to rekindle their long-lost love. But the twist is he challenges her to win him back, just like the way he did throughout all these years.

Their determination culminates in a passionate kiss. The very last few minutes forward to their happily ever after, with Hyun-Seung and Song-Ah dressed in their wedding attire, standing side-by-side and holding hands with beautiful smiles. This happy ending has been a long-cherished scene for the viewers after watching the duo struggle and stay separated for a long time.

How is the K-Drama title related to Song-Ah?

Yoon Song-Ah’s abrupt decision to break things off and leave the country shattered Hyun-Seung’s heart, leaving him emotionally scarred. The immense pain of the abandonment forced him to endure a long and arduous journey of healing. This traumatic experience casts a shadow when Song-Ah returns and wants to rekindle their love. Hyun-Seung is predictably hesitant to simply pick up from where they left off. He is not ready to trust her again that easily. Instead, Hyun-Seung sets a challenge for Song-Ah to win him back, and to convince him that this time her commitment is genuine, and she won't disappear like the last time.

The title of the drama, She Would Never Know takes on a deeper meeting in this context. It alludes to the depth of Hyun-Seung’s struggles, the emotional turmoil, which Song-Ah may never fully comprehend. The things he has endured and overcome in order to heal are a testament to the impact of her decision. This traumatic ordeal will never be known by Song-Ah in her life. Through his challenge, he forces her to acknowledge that pain and to prove that she's worthy enough for a second chance.

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