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Shefali Jariwala: I used to judge sex workers, interacting with them changed my perspective

Actor Shefali Jariwala, who is famous for her item numbers from early 2000s such as Kanta Laga, has played the role of a sex worker in her latest web series Ratri Ke Yatri 2.

Shefali Jariwala: I used to judge sex workers, interacting with them changed my perspective
Shefali Jariwala

Last Updated: 07.29 AM, Nov 27, 2022


Not everyone is lucky to lead a happy and harmonious life, and actor Shefali Jariwala learnt this when she started interacting with sex workers for her role in her latest web show Ratri Ke Yatri 2.

In order to get into the skin of her character, the actor interacted with sex workers which changed her perspective towards them, and life in general.

“Before doing this project, I had preconceived notions about sex workers. I used to judge them because I thought what they did was know how people think, ‘Ganda kaam hai, gande log hain?’ But that is very wrong and untrue. We, as a society, treat them as outcasts, ignoring the fact that, at the end of the day, they are normal women. We fail to recognise that they have their own set of challenges and reasons for choosing this profession,” she told Hindustan Times.

Shefali also revealed to the publication that these interactions took her to a dark place. “Interacting with several of them and hearing their stories changed my perspective significantly. The whole process was very tragic for me and took me to a very dark place. I cannot explain what I felt and how their stories and struggles affected me mentally and emotionally. I had no idea how to switch it off,” she added.

However, Shefali Jariwala feels that her interctions with sex workers has helped her grow as an actor.

“I feel the project on a whole helped me prove the potential that I hold as an actor. After this, people started taking me seriously as an actor and can also imagine me in non-glamorous roles. Previously, they would only offer me characters, where I would have to be a bimbette or a good dancer. But, now I am getting calls for good projects. I have already shot for three shows with characters that are complex and interesting. I am very hungry and greedy for good roles, and I’m glad I’m am finally getting to do it,” concluded the actor.

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