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Shivarajkumar: Pushpa and Kanaka exist because of Vedha

Shivarajkumar explains why his 125th film does not revolve solely only around his character

Shivarajkumar: Pushpa and Kanaka exist because of Vedha

Last Updated: 07.47 PM, May 12, 2023


Star-driven films almost always have a narrative that puts the spotlight firmly on its leading man/woman, as the case may be. So, it is surprising when such a film, which is also a milestone venture for the actor, has other characters that are just as prominent as the protagonist. Kannada cinema’s Century Star Shivarajkumar’s latest, Vedha, is a prime example. The A Harsha directorial is the actor’s 125th film in his 36-year-long career and yet, the narrative doesn’t only focus on him. Vedha is just as much a Shivarajkumar vehicle, as it is Ganaxi Laxman’s and Aditi Sagar’s – the actresses who play his wife and daughter, respectively.


Addressing this in an interview with Public TV, Shivarajkumar said, “When Harsha narrated the story to me, I told him that he’d have to retain it as is and give the ladies as much space in the narrative as he’d envisioned. In fact, at one point I had suggested that the women of Vedha be included in the first action block as well, but then we thought it would seem repetitive later on. Also, we did not want Aditi’s character to be revealed just then. More importantly, instead of having a film run only because of me, I would rather be a part of a successful film, because that is where audiences will look out for what the hero has done. Even if I am silently watching on the sidelines, there is no denying that Pushpa (Ganavi) and Kanaka (Aditi) exist because of Vedha. Pushpa and Aditi revolve around Vedha, while he revolves around them, that’s the beauty of this film.”

Vedha is Shivarajkumar’s fourth film with Harsha. The duo had earlier collaborated on Bhajarangi, Vajrakaya and Bhajarangi 2. Vedha is Shivarajkumar’s first home production, produced by his wife Geetha Shivarajkumar for their new banner, Geetha Pictures. The film is a joint venture with Zee Network and is currently in theatres.

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