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Shivarajkumar’s Ghost will be the foundation of the Srinivas Cinematic Universe

Director MG Srinivas plans to merge his Birbal franchise with Ghost, with the vision set for the next 15 years

Shivarajkumar’s Ghost will be the foundation of the Srinivas Cinematic Universe
'Ghost' new poster

Last Updated: 11.06 AM, Jul 10, 2023


Kannada actor-filmmaker MG Srinivas is not only busy planning the release of his next directorial, Ghost, but he is also laying the building blocks for a cinematic universe that he says will see a flurry of story-telling over the next 15 years. Srini, as the filmmaker is popularly known, was addressing fans in a Twitter space conversation when he was asked if his character Birbal trilogy would be linked to Ghost. Turns out, that is exactly what he has in mind.


“Birbal will be in Ghost and Ghost will be in Birbal; in fact, we have included a character in the film, who will get a spin-off movie, to create a Srini Cinematic Universe. The vision of these films and story-telling is for the next 15 years. Ghost will be the foundation for this. The plan has been drawn in terms of simple plot lines and how each can be linked to the next and so on and so forth, and what is required for each of these films – all of this has been chalked out. But this doesn’t mean that I will only be working on this ‘universe’; I will do other films also, as a filmmaker or only as an actor. But the blueprint for the ‘universe’ is ready. It’s not set in stone, though and could change along the way, when we get new ideas while writing or making these films,” explains Srini.

The film, a heist thriller that takes place in a time span of 48 hours, has Shivarajkumar, Jayaram, Archana Jois, Anupam Kher and Prashant Narayan as the main cast of Ghost. “I have also cast a bunch of newcomers, as I believe that it brings a sense of freshness to a film,” says Srini, adding, “On the technical front, Mahen Simha fills in as cinematographer, editor is Deepu S Kumar and Arjun Janya is the composer. Prasanna VM, who has collaborated on all my films as dialogue writer is back for Ghost as well.”

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