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SHOCKING! Benny Dayal gets hit by drone's fans during his performance in Chennai

The singer took to social media and posted a video about the incident 

SHOCKING! Benny Dayal gets hit by drone's fans during his performance in Chennai
Pic Courtesy: Official Instagram Account of Benny Dayal

Last Updated: 03.34 PM, Mar 04, 2023


Renowned singer Benny Dayal, who has belted many hit tracks in Bollywood, got struck by a drone during his performance in Chennai. He was performing at VIT, Chennai. The drone which struck him was the same drone which was filming him live during his performance. The singer took to social media and spoke to his fans at length whilst sharing the details of what exactly had happened.

Benny Dayal posted a video of what exactly had happened during the concert. He captioned the post as, “SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT TO ALL ARTIST CONCERNING DRONE OPERATORS. Kindly Listen! Thank you @vit.chennai @vibrancevit for having me over to perform. You all are amazing”. The video had him recalling the incident stating, “Hi everyone. This is Benny Dayal here. Thank you so much for all your concern regarding the incident that happened in VIT, Chennai. First and foremost, thank you VIT Chennai. You looked after me so much, so well after this whole incident of the drone hitting the back of my head. For most people who don’t know what happened, the drone fans, they hit the back of my head and bruised the back of my head a little bit. And two of my fingers got completely bruised."

He continued, "But, that’s all fine. I think I will recover from this much more faster, thanks to all your love and thanks to all the prayers that my parents have had for me over the years. I just wanted to express three things. One thing is that, definitely, all the artists from here on, make sure that you have a clause in your technical writer saying that the drone cannot come that close to any artist while they are performing because your movement and their movement cannot be co-ordinated unless and until you have a person who is specifically working with you on drones."

He added, "Second thing; please all the colleges, companies, show and event organizers… please get a certified drone operator, because it’s very dangerous. The person should be certified to operate a drone. Third and the most foremost point is that, most of the drone operators, I want to tell you one thing. We are all artists. We are just singing on stage. We are not Vijay or Ajit or Salman Khan or Prabhas… or some action film (hero). You don’t have to do all those stunts. Just do a regular show. We just want the show to look nice. The (drone) shouldn’t come so close to the artist and hurt the artist."

No sooner did Benny post the video, his comments section was filled with many messages which mirrored extreme concern towards the singer. Besides the many fans who expressed their concern, celebs who responded included singer Armaan Malik, who wrote, “Man this is messed up. Get well soon Ben!”. The social media star-turned-actress posted, “Omgg!! Must have been right after we met. Take Care Benny, hope you get well soon!”

Benny Dayal has been a part of many hit tracks in Bollywood, including ‘Pappu Can't Dance’ (from ‘Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na’), ‘Jai Jai Shivshankar’ (from ‘WAR’), ‘Dil Mein Mars Hain’ (from’ Mission Mangal’), ‘Badtameez Dil’(from ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’) and many more.

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