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Shyama: Honey Bafna and Tumpa Ghosh gear up for a new serial

After his serial Sohag Jol with Sweta Bhattacharya ended, Honey Bafna geared up for a new character, Joy  

Shyama: Honey Bafna and Tumpa Ghosh gear up for a new serial
Honey Bafna
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Last Updated: 07.34 AM, Aug 11, 2023

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After Sohag Jal, Honey Bafna is back with his new serial on Sun Bangla. Tumpa Ghosh is playing opposite him in the serial, named Shyama. The promo has been released recently. 

Biswajit Chakraborty will play the male protagonist Joy’s grandfather. Honey plays the role of Joy. The grandfather is looking for a bride for the hero, and matching the horoscopes of different girls with that of Joy. He finds one girl who has a perfect horoscope match with Joy.


Tumpa Ghosh plays Aritri, who is a devotee of Maa Tara. She wanted to spend her life serving the goddess, but her marriage is fixed. She is scared of that prospect. However, the goddess gives her a blessed flower and tells her that she is beside Aritri. 

But then the twist comes. A negative shade of Joy's character will be unfolded. He has the possibility of more than one marriage. His grandfather, while blessing Aritri, told her, “You will be his first wife.” So, there are some mysteries in the story. 

Suchismita Choudhury, Bharat Kaul, Abhijit Sarkar, and others will play different roles in the serial. It is not yet clear when it will start. 

Meanwhile, Sohag Jol – Sweta Bhattacharya and Honey Bafna’s first serial together – came to an end. The serial started at the end of 2022. Initially, it attracted the audience but then started to go down in the TRP list. Honey Bafna is known as Subhro in the industry owing to the serial.