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Shylaja Nag: I will never talk about the business of Kranti or any of my films

At the end of the day, it’s her balance sheet, wherein she may gain from some projects and lose from others, she reckons.

Shylaja Nag: I will never talk about the business of Kranti or any of my films
Kranti is Shylaja Nag's second production with Darshan

Last Updated: 02.02 PM, Jan 20, 2023


When a big-ticket film releases in theatres these days, the most fashionable thing now is to track its day-to-day box office revenue. Production houses also take great pride in boasting figures, especially if they’ve come in a short span of time. At minimum, a film has to be in the Rs 100-crore club. Producer Shylaja Nag of Media House Studio is currently preparing for the release of her second production with Challenging Star Darshan, Kranti.

The team of Kranti
The team of Kranti

The film is the actor’s first release since 2021’s Roberrt and expectations are that it will do well at the box office. But Shylaja is clear that unlike others, she will not be talking numbers about her film. “Business will take its own shape over time, depending on which decisions will be made. Like, for instance, whether to give the other language versions of Kranti a theatrical release or direct OTT outing. I have also not put a number to the screens that we are targeting for the film’s release. Exhibitors will line up anyway for a Darshan film release. Most importantly, though, I don’t like talking about business in public. I will not disclose collection and bandy about numbers like 100-crore, 200-crore, etc. I have no interest in such gimmicks,” she says and adds, “Kranti is not my only production venture. As a production house, we have other interests too, including TV serials and other content. I have a music company too. At the end of the day, it is my balance sheet. I may make Rs 10 in one venture and lose Rs 3 in another. Where do I stand, how do I take care of my employees, including through challenging times like the pandemic – these are the things that I worry about. The profit or loss of one film is not my concern. I am only concerned about the content.”

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