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Sizzling Samachar: Netflix cancels Halle Berry's Sci-fi thriller 'The Mothership' despite completion; Margaret Qualley, Aubrey Plaza, and Chris Evans to star in Ethan Coen's 'Honey Don't!'

Sizzling Samachar of the Day - 25th January 2024

Sizzling Samachar: Netflix cancels Halle Berry's Sci-fi thriller 'The Mothership' despite completion; Margaret Qualley, Aubrey Plaza, and Chris Evans to star in Ethan Coen's 'Honey Don't!'

Sizzling Samachar of the Day 

Last Updated: 08.59 PM, Jan 25, 2024


Welcome to your daily dose of entertainment news on OTTplay, I'm your host Nikhil. News from Hollywood next.

‘Night Court’ season 2 welcomes ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Reunion: Bernadette and Raj share the laughter

In a much-anticipated episode of Night Court Season 2, fans of The Big Bang Theory are in for a treat as the characters Bernadette and Raj, played by Melissa Rauch and Kunal Nayyar respectively, reunite on screen. Nayyar's guest-starring role as the world-renowned fashion designer Martini Toddwallis promises a delightful storyline. Facing a designer's block, Toddwallis discovers inspiration at Night Court, with Rauch's character Abby Stone potentially becoming his new muse. The episode teases surprises, including the return of Marsha Warfield and maintaining high ratings. Fans eagerly await the continuation of the revival, where laughter and quirky cases take centre stage at Manhattan Court’s night shift. Night Court is available to stream  on JioCinema in India.

Netflix cancels Halle Berry's Sci-fi thriller 'The Mothership' despite completion

Netflix has decided to cancel the upcoming science fiction movie The Mothership, starring John Wick: Chapter 3 actress Halle Berry, due to post-production delays. Despite completing filming in 2021, the streaming giant has opted not to move forward with the project, marking it as a total loss for tax purposes. This follows a growing trend in the industry where completed films are scrapped for financial reasons, with Warner Bros. making a similar decision for their Batgirl film in 2022. Halle Berry, currently engaged in multiple projects with Netflix, faces this setback as fans eagerly anticipate her other ventures with the streaming service.

Margaret Qualley, Aubrey Plaza, and Chris Evans to star in Ethan Coen's 'Honey Don't!'

Ethan Coen, known for his work with brother Joel, is set to direct his next project, Honey Don’t! featuring a star-studded cast including Margaret Qualley, Aubrey Plaza, and Chris Evans. Described as a screwball crime comedy, the film is part of Coen's solo ventures, following his solo directorial debut, Drive-Away Dolls. Honey Don't! is the first instalment of a loosely connected "lesbian B-movie" trilogy, a project Coen has been working on with his wife, Tricia Cooke. While plot details are currently undisclosed, Qualley will play a private eye, Evans a cult leader, and Plaza a mysterious woman. The film is scheduled to begin filming in March in New Mexico. As audiences await the release of Drive-Away Dolls, set to hit theatres next month, the anticipation for Coen's next comedic venture continues to grow.

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman wrap filming on 'Deadpool 3' with MCU debut

The highly-anticipated Deadpool 3 has completed filming, according to a recent announcement by Ryan Reynolds on Instagram. The Merc with a Mouth is set to return to theatres on July 26, 2024. Hugh Jackman is reprising his iconic role as Wolverine/Logan from the X-Men series, marking his crossover into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The film, directed by Shawn Levy, weaves together various eras of the Marvel franchise, bringing back familiar faces such as Jennifer Garner, Morena Baccarin, and Brianna Hildebrand. The inclusion of Jackman and the blending of different cinematic universes have heightened anticipation for the superhero sequel. As fans eagerly await the release, Reynolds shared the news with an in-character image on Instagram, capturing the essence of the irreverent and humorous Deadpool.

Bill Skarsgård's ‘Boy Kills World’ sets theatrical release date

The action-packed film Boy Kills World, featuring Bill Skarsgård and Jessica Rothe, is scheduled to hit theatres on April 26. Directed by Moritz Mohr and produced by Sam Raimi and Roy Lee, the movie centres around Skarsgård's character, Boy, a deaf and mute individual seeking vengeance after the tragic loss of his family. Trained in the jungle by a mysterious master, Boy's journey takes unexpected turns as he becomes involved with a desperate resistance group. The film promises a unique visual style, a deranged sense of humour, and an exhilarating experience for audiences. With an eclectic cast, including Michelle Dockery, Famke Janssen, and martial arts master Yayan Ruhian, Boy Kills World is anticipated to deliver a thrilling cinematic adventure.

Matthew Vaughn Unveils Plans for New ‘Kick-Ass’ Trilogy

Director Matthew Vaughn has exciting news for "Kick-Ass" fans as he reveals the development of a new instalment in the franchise. Currently, halfway through the script, Vaughn describes the upcoming film as part of a "very meta-universe," taking the R-rated superhero concept to a whole new level. The movie will be the third entry in a trilogy, preceded by School Fight and the ongoing project codenamed Vram. Vaughn emphasizes the interconnected nature of these films, promising a unique approach and a reinvented Kick-Ass experience. The script explores a commentary on the pre-Kick Ass and post-Kick Ass eras, aiming to reignite the franchise in an ever-evolving superhero landscape. Stay tuned for more updates on the release dates and trailers for School Fight and Vram. Meanwhile, Vaughn's latest project, Argylle, is set to premiere in theatres on February 2, 2024.

Well that's all from the entertainment world for today, until the next time it's your host Nikhil signing out.

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  • Written by Apurva Dutta
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