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Snowpiercer Season 4 gets a US air date; will it come to India too?

AMC had picked up the fourth and final season of Snowpiercer, months after it was cancelled by TNT. At the time, shooting had been completed, forcing the team to shop it elsewhere.

Snowpiercer Season 4 gets a US air date; will it come to India too?

Daveed Diggs as Andre Layton in Snowpiercer

Last Updated: 01.05 PM, Jun 14, 2024


Snowpiercer, the show about a gigantic, perpetually moving train, carrying the last of humanity, before the earth froze over, on never-ending circles around the planet was cancelled after a three-season run by its network, TNT. The cancellation, though, came after the fourth and final season of the show led by Sean Bean, Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs, had been shot in January 2023, giving the showrunners the opportunity to shop it elsewhere.

Will Snowpiercer Season 4 get global release?

For a very long time, Snowpiercer had no takers, and it was only in March 2024, that AMC finally picked the show for its final season, with no word on when it would eventually be aired. But now, the network has announced an air date with a teaser, which gives fans of the show hope. Starting July 21, AMC will have weekly episode drops of the show in the US. Where does that leave international viewers?


Snowpiercer’s official global streaming partner is Netflix with all three seasons so far available on the platform. However, there’s been no word if the fourth and final season will also make its way to Netflix. It would make sense for the streamer to also house Season 4, considering it has the rights to Season 1-3 for the foreseeable future. The show is quite popular in India, so there is no doubt that it will be available at some point. The question is when and where and as soon as we have an answer, we will let audiences know.  

What's Snowpiercer about?

Snowpiercer is based on a graphic novel and subsequent film and takes place aboard a 1001-car long train, exploring class conflicts, and human survival amid harsh conditions. At the end of Season 3, the citizens of Snowpiercer had split into two groups – one choosing to stay aboard the train and another headed in search of New Eden in the hope of recolonizing earth some day.

Sean Bean as Mr Wilford the creator of Snowpiercer
Sean Bean as Mr Wilford the creator of Snowpiercer

Season 4 picks up where 3 left off, with a recent teaser suggesting that the citizens of Snowpiercer may not be the only ones who survived the decade-long freeze. Returning for one last trip aboard Snowpiercer, besides Bean Diggs and Connelly are Ido Goldberg, Lena Hall, Analise Basso, Allison Wright, Rowan Blanchard, Mickey Sumner, Katie McGuinness, Lena Hall, Sam Otto, Mike O’Malley, Sheila Vand, Roberto Urbina and Chelsea Harris.

Joining them are Avengers and Agent of SHIELD fame Clark Gregg and The Drop’s Michael Aronov.

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