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Sohini Sarkar and Iman Chakraborty’s social media conversation wins hearts

Shovan is now allegedly dating actress Sohini Sarkar. 

Sohini Sarkar and Iman Chakraborty’s social media conversation wins hearts
Iman and Sohini

Last Updated: 11.08 PM, Jan 27, 2024


Singer Shovan Ganguly has been traditionally open about his relationship status. He once dated singer Iman Chakraborty. Then he fell for the actress Swastika Dutta. However, the affair did not last. Shovan is now dating actress Sohini Sarkar. 

Iman has commented on Sohini's social media post and the internet can’t keep calm. One is Shovan’s ex and the other is reportedly the present girlfriend. But that surely does not mean a tiff. Tollywood shows that there can be a space for respect and love. Sohini went to a wedding reception with Shovan . She posted the photo and Iman commented there.

Iman wrote, “You and your saree!” Sohini wore a maroon velvet blouse and a copper golden saree. She had heavy earrings and a nose ring. Sohini jokingly replied to Iman, “I will be the brand ambassador on National Saree Day.” Their sweet conversation showed that they have no bitterness.

Sohini's love life is also nothing short of colourful. She dated actor Ronojoy Bishnu and lived with him for a long time. However, they separated.

After the breakup of Shovan and Swastika, some fans dragged Iman’s name and said that Shovan’s closeness with Iman broke the relationship. Iman publicly expressed her displeasure and said, “I was, and still am, a well-wisher of Shovan. Both Swastika and Shovan are friends to me. I don't know whether they broke up. I don't want them to get separated.” Shovan is a closed chapter in Iman’s life. She is now happily married to Nilanjan.

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