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Solanki Roy embraces wound mark, says Daag Achhe Hai

Gaatchora actress says that the marks are a reminder of a battle she won

Solanki Roy embraces wound mark, says Daag Achhe Hai
Solanki Roy
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 05.38 PM, Jan 22, 2023


Solanki Roy, aka Khori of the serial Gaatchora, sent out a message in her new social media post – Daag Achhe Hai. She is seen wearing an ash crop top and blue denim, along with an open-chested sweatshirt. As she flaunts her waist, her deep would mark becomes visible. But what are those spots on her belly? Soon after her post, her comment section was filled with netizens’ questions. However, Solanki talked about those spots, because they have a long history. 

According to Solanki, she carried those spots on her body just as someone flaunts their precious jewellery. Solanki wrote in the caption, “This spot reminds me of that tough battle in the past against which I fought and won. There is a reason everything happens. That is why today I have become myself.” 

What battle did Solanki talk about? The actress said that it is a burn wound mark. That part was burnt while she was in college. She has been carrying that spot. Many advised her to do plastic surgery, but she refused. To her, the mark is not a symbol of shame, but rather of victory. However, she did not divulge how she got burnt. She thinks that make-up is enough to temporarily cover the spot for professional reasons. 

This picture was taken by Solanki’s on-screen brother-in-law, actor Anindya Chatterjee. Her colleagues and friends congratulated her courage. Sohini Sarkar, Rupanjana Mitra, Srima, Anindya--everyone expressed love in the post.