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Sophie Turner agrees with Joe Jonas, kids to not leave the US’ greater New York City for now

Sophie wanted to take the kids to UK

Sophie Turner agrees with Joe Jonas, kids to not leave the US’ greater New York City for now

Last Updated: 02.36 AM, Sep 26, 2023


Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have been in a legal battle as to whether their kids will stay in the US or shift to UK in the middle of their divorce proceedings and child custody hearings. Sophie has now agreed with Joe and will not leave greater New York City in the US, at least for now. They have agreed to a temporary consent agreement and filed it with a federal judge, DailyMail reports.

What was the issue?

Sophie moved federal court last week and cited child abduction law, claiming that Joe refused to hand over the passports of their two children. She claims that the two had an agreement that the kids will live in UK.

Joe’s response

Joe’s rep issued a statement. According to the statement, Joe initiated the divorce proceedings in Florida after multiple conversations with Sophie. He chose the place since it is the ‘appropriate jurisdiction’ for the case. It further mentions that the Florida court has order restrictions on relocation of the kids. Sophie, according to the statement, received the order on September 6. The two had a ‘cordial’ meeting past Sunday, post which Joe believed they reached an ‘understanding of working towards an amicable co-parenting setup.’ If complying with Sophie’s demands of handing over the passports, Joe might violate Florida court order.

Joe okay with co-parenting in both UK and US

The statement further assured that Joe is okay with co-parenting the kids in both UK as well as US. “The children were born in the US and have spent the vast majority of their lives in the US. They are American citizens,” a part of the statement read.

Issue with the word ‘abducting’

The issue was tagged as an ‘unfortunate legal disagreement’ about a marriage that is sadly ending. The word ‘abduction’ is called ‘misleading at best’ and ‘serious abuse of the legal system at worst.’ The statement further claimed that Sophie was making the claim only to be able to move the divorce proceedings to UK and remove their kids from US permanently. Towards the end, the statement read, “His (Joe’s) wish is that Sophie reconsider her harsh legal position and move forward in a more constructive and private manner.”

What now?

The agreement does not bind to a US judge. They are now deciding what custody lies in the best interest of their children and will take a decision only then.

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