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Soumitrisha Kundu on Mithai: No one can take away the love we get from the audience

According to reports, the serial May end in April 

Soumitrisha Kundu on Mithai: No one can take away the love we get from the audience
Soumiktrisha Kundu

Last Updated: 12.00 AM, Mar 20, 2023


Mithai’s story seems to come to a close. There are strong rumors that this popular serial will end in April. The serial’s director Rajendra Prasad previously said that the channel authority did not tell him anything regarding this. But this does not quell the rumor. 

Mithai is the oldest serial on Bengali television right now. Soumitrisha Kundu is ruling the heart of the audience in dual roles, Mithi and Mithai. Fans are anxious that they might not see Sid and Mithai anymore. However, Mithai beats Balijhar hands down in the TRP rating. The Trina-Koushik pair at 6 pm could not stand a chance in front of Mithai’s popularity. Amidst all these, Soumitrisha commented about Mithai's future and competing with the new serials. She said, “Let us not think about competition in that sense. New ones will come and spaces must be made for them. We also were once new, and the old ones made space for us. A serial has to end at one point in time. This is a habit, and this will change. But I keep on saying one thing – we will never be deprived of the audience’s love, irrespective of whether Mithai is in the first or the tenth position. This love will stay even after Mithai.” 

Mithai is Zee Bangla’s production. It is rumored that Zee Bangla will soon produce a new mega serial, which will replace Mithai at the end of April. Previously, the director Rajendra Prasad told Hindustan Times Bangla, “I am also hearing about Mithai getting stopped. I have been listening for the last year. In the last year when the TRP was a bit down, many people asked me the same question. I am not a part of the channel, I am a director. I do not know anything until the channel lets me know officially. A serial is supposed to end at some point in time, but I do not know when.” 

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