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Soundtrack #2 Episode 1, 2 Summary and Review – Past catches up in a melodious twist!

Directed by Choi Jung Gyu and Kim Hee Won – Soundtrack 2 stars, Geum Sae-rok as the piano instructor, Hyeon-seo and Steve Noh as Suho, a young and influential CEO of a music company.

Soundtrack #2 Episode 1, 2 Summary and Review – Past catches up in a melodious twist!

Soundtrack #2 still

Last Updated: 01.45 PM, Jan 08, 2024


The streaming platform Disney+Hotstar is on a roll as it continues to present unique and intriguing kdramas after its latest Korean thriller, Vigilante. The sequel of the popular kdrama Soundtrack #1 starring Han So-hee and Park Hyung-sik is back with a fresh cast and storyline. Premiering today with two episodes, this romantic-musical sequel Soundtrack #2 will continue releasing two new episodes every Wednesday. It is anticipated that the limited series will be concluding on December 20 after 6 episodes.

Directed by Choi Jung Gyu and Kim Hee Won – Soundtrack 2 stars, Geum Sae-rok as the piano instructor, Hyeon-seo and Steve Noh as Suho, a young and influential CEO of a music company.

Here’s everything you need to know about the latest addition to Disney+Hotstar’s kdrama obsession!

Episode 1 Summary

The episode begins with an angry female protagonist, Hyeon-seo storming out of the house when suddenly something strikes her and she decides not to retreat but end things properly. Another twist, she does not end it but decides to follow fate. Before you get all puzzled about the story, it’s safe to tell that the story runs with multiple timelines. Hence, we are taken into the backstory to know the female lead better. Hyeon-seo, who is in her twenties runs a musical academy, With You and her two elementary school students come to her place to get piano lessons from a talented teacher. 

However, Seo’s life is not as simple as it looks – She is having financial problems and is in dire need of giving music lessons to pay unpaid debts. Next, we meet Seo’s former lover Suho, who is a wealthy CEO of a music company and is currently on the talent hunt for a music creator. While we are still absorbing the charisma and luxurious aura of Suho, we see him fainting on the ground. This sets the story for the next episode as he is advised to rest after suffering from “General Adaptation Syndrome” for stress and overworking.

His manager and friend strictly advise him to stay at home and follow the doctor’s instructions, which include learning a musical instrument. He also finds a talented musician on social media and drops a message to collaborate but doesn’t hear from him.

A hunt for a piano tutor begins with his caring friend and the twist of fate brings the two ex-lovers to the crossroads to face their destiny. With this, we spin around to the beginning of the episode and it is revealed that Hyeon-Seo was running away from Suho’s house after refusing to give him lessons. However, her financial ruin and Suho’s “double fees” make her change her mind.

Episode 2 Summary

The second episode gives a brief introduction to the shared past between Hyeon-seo and Suho, four years prior to their bad breakup. In the present, the music teacher and part-time food delivery girl, Seo is seen awkwardly trying to face her ex-boyfriend while trying to avoid personal feelings. The duo takes their first music lesson and it is revealed that both of them are experiencing the jitters of their past love life. 


While Seo is portrayed as a highly ambitious wannabe musician, who is trying to save money with an eye on success, her boyfriend is a goofy, living-the-moment person. He also takes up menial, odd jobs to earn money. In a short heart-breaking scene, it is shown in the flashback how Suho was waiting at the airport for their vacation when he was stood up by Hyeonseo as she decided to part ways. While, in the present we see Suho hearing back from the stranger K, who accepts his collab and they decide to meet up. The deal works fine and Suho offers K to live with him so that they can collaborate on a project before signing the official record contract.

While in another flashback, we witness K and Hyeonseo’s chance encounter at an event and they become friends of shared interest in music.

What follows next is another striking twist when the episode ends with the trio baffled by each other’s presence at Suho’s house!

Episode 1 and 2 Review

Soundtrack #2 follows a similar approach of non-linear narrative by Welcome to Samdal-ri. Both the series’ delve into the past and present lives of two former lovers who are at the crossroads of their lives in the present. The first Episode marks the brief introduction of the three protagonists – Suho, Hyeon-Seo, and K and music is the common string that holds them together.

The series might seem like any other kdrama with a past-present timeline with two ex-lovers but it is still fascinating as many of the events in the two episodes are left on a cliffhanger ending and it is enthralling to unfold them one by one, some in flashbacks, while other in the present. It also depicts how difficult it is for an artist to follow their dreams if you have a humble family background. We witness the once passionate and award-winning pianist changing her career and quitting music because of money troubles. While her ex-boyfriend, who was also poor in the past finds his success even though he is miserable despite the abundant money, you can blame it on his workaholic attitude or maybe he is still stuck in the past?

The series revolves around career, music, friendship, and old flames reuniting in a twisted tale of fate.

Another thing that drives you to stream the series is the melodious addition of music and songs that impart uniqueness to this limited series. It is also anticipated after episode 2 that there might be a love triangle between the three!

Soundtrack #1 and #2 are both streaming on Disney+Hotstar

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