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Squid Game-The Challenge Episode 6,7,8,9 Summary; Who made it to the end defeating luck and elimination?

The final episode of the Squid Game adaptation, is highly anticipated to determine who takes the coveted title of being the winner with a humungous cash prize of 4.56 million dollars.

Squid Game-The Challenge Episode 6,7,8,9 Summary; Who made it to the end defeating luck and elimination?

Last Updated: 11.14 PM, Dec 01, 2023


Squid Game: The Challenge is a reality show, adapted from the award-winning Korean drama Squid Game. The reality series which was released on November 22 with the initial five episodes, has also unveiled 4 new episodes on November 29. Created by Hwang Dong-hyuk, this reality show brings the challenges of the drama to life with 456 players on board, who are battling for a whopping cash of 4.56 million dollars.  However, as the episodes progressed, the journey was cut short for everyone except the finalists. Read on to know what happened in the recently rolled-out episodes and who made it to the end...

Squid Game Part 1 (Episodes 1,2,3,4,5) Recap

The series started with contestants playing in a cut-throat competition to reach the next level in various games played during the episodes. The games are inspired by children's games, like The Honeycombs, Red Light Green Light, and Warship. The part I ended with an eerie plot twist that required a pair to play Marbles. The cliffhanger ending devasted one pair the most, the sweet mother-son duo.

Squid Game Part 2 with Episodes (6,7,8,9) Summary

The second installment of Squid Game: The Challenge brought the true colors of some of the contestants and also broke the audiences’ hearts as they saw their favorite contestant bidding goodbye to the competition.

In the sixth episode, we witness the remaining contestants playing the marbles games, in such a way that the person with the most marbles out of a two-member team will reach the next round, while the one with no marbles has to leave the game. Out of the players, there was a team whose both players were eliminated as they couldn’t conclude who won the marble game, hence they were both shot out. While the emotional ending saw the mother-duo son separating as Trey’s mother exits.

While the seventh and eighth episodes were the most entertaining and will keep you on the edge of your seats as the glass bridge game begins! It also included the dreaded elimination by players in the dormitory. During the friend and foe round, a contestant had to draw a numbered apron and then give it to the player of their choice. This also marked the sequence in which they would cross the bridge. One wrong step, and you sink into the fake glass with shattered chances. Two players were eliminated because their luck left them looming in danger. TJ and Trey both were eliminated because they had to go in the starting and slaughtered their chance by paving the way for the others. You might also feel rage towards player 278 (Ashley) for making the selfish choice of standing still, while her teammate Trey took the risk and got eliminated.

Out of the 20 players, only 12 could survive the Glass Bridge challenge. Towards the end of Episode 8, there is another twist when players are asked to either nominate themselves or the other player while rolling a dice. It further eliminated 3 more players before reaching the 9th Episode.

This was a most fun episode with only 9 players remaining in the game. It was intriguing to find out who would survive to reach the final stage. It centered around trust and gut feeling. In the game, every contestant was blindfolded and then the masked instructors drew a ball with a player number, and that player was tapped on the shoulder to take on the challenge. With a bit of luck, strategy, and mind game, this challenge was the most difficult and was a total game changer for all. Next, the selected player had to take a gift box and place it in front of any player, if the chosen player was able to guess the perpetrator then he was saved, while a wrong guess eliminated them. In the last few seconds, only 3 players were left to enter the big game.

Squid Game Final Challenge

The final episode is highly anticipated amongst the fans and the critics to determine who takes the coveted title of being the winner with a humungous cash prize of 4.56 million dollars. The three finalists, include middle-aged player 487 Mai, player 016 Sam, and player451 Phill.

You can stream the final episode on December 6 to watch the journey bringing victory and money to only 1, while the other two return home with a crushed heart and lost opportunity.

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