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Sreelekha Mitra takes on ‘toxic work culture’ in corporate structure

Sreelekha Mitra takes on ‘toxic work culture’ in corporate structure
Sreelekha Mitra takes on ‘toxic work culture’ in corporate structure
Sreelekha Mitra

Last Updated: 05.32 PM, Apr 05, 2024


Sreelekha Mitra does not mince words. Celebrities from the entertainment industry earn a lot of money from endorsements. Usually, actors and actresses maintain good terms with such corporate organizations. However, Sreelekha Mitra raised her voice against the ‘toxic’ work culture in such places. 

Sreelekha incited an old memory. An officer of a private bank behaved rudely with his juniors and the conversation video became viral. Sometimes later, a worker of a cosmetics company died by suicide. Sreelekha Mitra became vocal about this incident. On Thursday afternoon, She criticized the entire process of the corporate world. Sreelekha said that she had to face many obstacles due to her protesting nature. 

Sreelekha told Anandabazar Online, “I did not keep any manager to handle my social media. I post what I think is correct. I post my photos without makeup. For many reasons, I have been kept away from the industry. I am thinking of keeping a manager. But they say that, when they talk about me to any brand or company, the company says that I make controversial comments. My political stand is also a factor. An organisation told me that I did not have any glamorous photos on social media.” 

She further said, “I noticed this incident. A 13-year-old girl sees her father hanging. After knowing this, how can I post my photo all decked up? I am not like that as a human being.” 

Sreelekha also criticized the use of social media. “Everyone is busy making reels. They need money to maintain their lifestyle. But I can’t go with the flow. Sreelekha Mitra is herself a brand. An organisation will come to me if they want to offer me something in accord with my importance. Money is obviously important. But I can’t leave my conscience, dignity, and taste for money,” she said. 

Sreelekha wrote in her Facebook post, “I know Facebook will not wake up by my post. I heard that one should not post anything controversial on social media if they want to work with any brand. They have to post their decked-up photos or make reels while dancing. I am in a dilemma because of this tussle between face and mask.” 

About that certain organisation, the actress wrote “This is a big company. Despite having good equity, how did this happen? We have to keep mum or ignore these things, otherwise, we will not get advertisement or promotional works. So be it! Compromising with unjust is not in my nature. The corporate world has to take responsibility for this.” 

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