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Srijit Mukherji shares a photo of Ulupi – his pet ball python

Srijit Mukherji brought the ball python in February and named it Ulupi

Srijit Mukherji shares a photo of Ulupi – his pet ball python
Srijit Mukherji

Last Updated: 11.37 PM, Mar 08, 2024


Srijit Mukherji has already startled his friends and family members with his new pet: a ball python. It created a buzz in Tollywood. Srijit brought the python from South India and named it Ulupi. The snake is eleven months old. There are Ulupi’s references in Mahabharata, Vishnu Puran, and Bhagbat. It is said that Arjuna was married to Ulupi during his stay in the woods. Srijit Brought Ulupi at the end of February. The snake has been in the limelight since then. But Srijit kept its photo private till today. On the International Working Women’s Day, Srijit introduced Ulupi to the public. Srijit will soon travel to Kashmir to shoot the second season of Feludar Goyendagiri, based on Bhuswargo Bhoyonkor. 

The small snake was seen putting its mouth on the pillow on a white bed. It has yellow spots on black skin. Srijit used a Kabir Suman song to introduce Ulupi. He wrote ‘Tui Hese Uthlei Surjo Lojja Pay.’ Srijit is a fan of Kabir Suman’s songs. When he came in public regarding his relationship with wife Mithila, he quoted from the Suman song ‘Khodar Kasam Jaan’. He kept the same tradition for Ulupi.

Petting a snake has some hassles. How does he handle it? Srijit earlier told OTTplay that it does not involve much stress. “You feed them mice and they eat once every week. They live in a glass tank and can grow longer till around five feet,” he said. Talking about his pet, the director said that Ulupi is ‘shy and well-mannered’. “I have a lot of misconceptions and taboos regarding snakes in our society. If we can accept a dog as our pet then why not a snake?” he said. Srijit said that it was not correct to post children’s photos, and he would share it when Ulupi grows up a bit. But on Friday morning, actress Alivia Sarkar shared some photos of Srijit spending time with Ulupi. Then Srijit did not want to procrastinate. However, sources say that people close to Srijit already went to his place to pay Ulupi a visit.  

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