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SSE’s Chaithra J Achar: Story comes first, then role, while choosing scripts

For Sapta Sagaradaache Ello, Chaithra says that she was willing to do any role just to be a part of Hemanth M Rao’s story

SSE’s Chaithra J Achar: Story comes first, then role, while choosing scripts
Chaithra J Achar plays Surabhi in SSE Side B

Last Updated: 05.38 PM, Nov 08, 2023


Kannada actress Chaithra J Achar has always said that roles that challenge her as an artiste pique her interest. Her career graph so far bears testimony to that. Her next, interestingly, is Sapta Sagaradaache Ello (SSE) Side B, the second instalment of Hemanth M Rao’s film, in which she plays a new character in the narrative called Surabhi. SSE is a film that Chaithra was keen to be a part of, but thought she didn’t stand a chance when Rukmini Vasanth was announced as the leading lady. So much so that when Hemanth eventually spoke to her for a role, she thought it was for a new film. Her joy, of course, knew no bounds when she was cast as Surabhi, a role that is pivotal to the arc of Side B, Chaithra says that SSE is a film that she would have set all her rules of script selection aside for. As long as she’d get to be a part of it, she was willing to do just about any role, however small or inconsequential it was, she said during the promotions of Side B, which releases in theatres on November 17.


So, what are these rules that she swears by? The story, says Chaithra, is of utmost importance. Then comes the role that is being offered to her. While the overall screentime is not a major concern, whether or not even a 5-minute presence has any bearing on the narrative is what she looks for. The question that Chaithra asks herself is whether the narrative would be impacted or not if her role is taken out. If it makes no difference, then that’s not a film for her, she says.

Chaithra J Achar
Chaithra J Achar

Chaithra, who was last seen in Raj B Shetty’s Toby, is quite excited to see how audiences will react to her role in SSE Side B, given that they are so invested in Manu (Rakshit Shetty) and Priya’s (Rukmini Vasanth) story. From the time Hemanth provided a sneak peek into Side B at the end of Side A, it has been speculated that the actress plays a commercial sex worker in the film. This was further fuelled by her scenes in the trailer, where she is seen at the front desk of what appears to be a motel with Manu and says that she can sing and make him sing too.

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