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SSMB28 Title: Guntur Karam, Amaravathi ki Atu Itu & more - netizens take their picks

Based on the current buzz that Trivikram Srinivas & Co. will announce the SSMB28 title on May 31, social media has gone berserk over the possibilities

SSMB28 Title: Guntur Karam, Amaravathi ki Atu Itu & more - netizens take their picks
SSMB28 Title: Netizens take their picks

Last Updated: 07.40 PM, May 16, 2023


Mahesh Babu and Trivikram Srinivas' reunion project is bound to be a super special one and the reasons are self-explanatory. The duo has previously delivered two cult favourites in the form of Athadu and Khaleja and with this third collaboration materializing after a gap of nearly a decade-and-a-half, fans are super kicked about the prospects. 

Tentatively titled SSMB28 (referring to Superstar Mahesh Babu's 28th film), the current buzz suggests that the makers will reveal the title of the film along with a special glimpse of May 31 (to mark Superstar Krishna's 80th birth anniversary). There is no official communication on this yet but netizens are concerned that a major update is just around the corner.

And in this vein, social media has begun offering its two cents as not one but multiple 'rumoured' titles merrily surface. The most popular one among them is Guntur Kaaram, a title that is supposedly both massy and mischievous and one which also alludes to Trivikram's penchant for wordplay. However, netizens aren't too impressed with the title as they feel that it fails to pack the right punch and that it doesn't carry Trivikram's famous inventiveness either.

Another title in consideration, as per social media, is Palanaadu Potugaadu. Though one isn't aware of how this classic 1970s movie title surfaced, netizens have almost unanimously dismissed it by terming it cringe and unimpressive. Many even reckoned that it fits a film that attempts to parody a '70s film but if you consider it closely, Palanaadu Potugaadu carries a strong reference to superstar Krishna's Mosagallaku Mosagaadu. However, it seems highly unlikely that the makers of SSMB28 would opt for such a kitschy title.

One also sees 'Amaravati Ki Atu Itu' cropping up on Twitter and considering the rest of the options, this one sounds and seems the most reasonable. Referring to this title, a social media user opined that the storyline could have a village backdrop but at this point, all opinions can be categorized as speculations. 

'Ooriki Monagaadu' and 'Ayodhyalo Arjunudu', too, are part of the list of SSMB28 rumoured titles.

Well, the countdown for May 31 has certainly begun but one awaits an official word on the same before that. The title of the much-awaited project will play a huge role in amplifying the hype but regardless of what Trivikram Srinivas and Co. go for, the film will be one worth waiting for. 

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