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Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 3 episode 4 review – Emotions run high as it’s time for reunion of the gang

It is reunion time for Crosshair, Omega, Hunter and Wrecker

Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 3 episode 4 review – Emotions run high as it’s time for reunion of the gang
The Bad Batch season 3.

Last Updated: 07.09 PM, Feb 28, 2024



Omega-Crosshair and Hunter-Wrecker are in search for each other. At one point, they do reunite and it is unmissable!


A different approach - as the episode's title suggests, is about how a different approach changes everything. This is about Omega taking charge in reuniting The Bad Batch.

This one begins with Omega and Crosshair's escape plan almost failing. They cannot find a landing.

Batcher becomes an important member, in the episode as well as the franchise. A whole scene is, once again, dedicated to his and Omega's bonding and it is among the best things to happen to the show.

As always, Omega's kind heart is the first thing you will be attracted to. This is followed by Crosshair, well, being Crosshair.

Nala Se, now a prisoner, plays the part of Omega's sister perfectly. She has been that since the very beginning and is constant in her role.

Omega and a captain from The Empire come face-to-face. The scene is one of the best things of the episode.

Just as Hunter and Wrecker have been searching for Omega, she teams up with Crosshair, with hope in her heart to find them where they last met. And of course, the reunion happens. It is the most emotional moment in the episode, even more than Crosshair meeting his long-lost friends.

Just as emotions run high, the episode comes to an end. We all know that Crosshair shares a history with Wrecker and Hunter. This keeps you wondering just what can happen next and how will Crosshair be accepting by the group once again.


The Dave Filoni-directed episode runs high on emotions. A much-awaited reunion happens and ending the episode right there took the emotion up many notches. It is definitely one of the best in the series so far.

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