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Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 3 episodes 10-11 review – Something you might not want to miss

Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 3 finale episodes are out now

Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 3 episodes 10-11 review – Something you might not want to miss
The Bad Batch season 3.

Last Updated: 11.57 PM, Apr 11, 2024



The Empire is still in search of Omega and she is trying to bring them down. Who will win?


The Bad Batch season 3 has finally come to an end. The last two episodes of the show are out and while not the best out of the series, they are something you do not wish to miss.

Episode 10, Identity Crisis, will give you a deja vu of The Mandalorian, at least initially. As we come to an end, the focus shifts back to The Empire.

Todo and Mr. Bane are two people who play a major role in the episode. They introduce a never-seen-before species to the series.

Nala Se, still captured, becomes the intrigue in the episode. This especially holds true with Ms. Kars, who has taken over new responsibilities within The Empire and is at crossroads with herself. Eva and Jax are the prisoners on Tantiss who capture your attention but unfortunately, they’re not even close to what Ms. Kars brings to the table.

Episode 11, Point of No Return, is the hint of what is to come when we dive into the next season. It involves Omega and that is the biggest hint you can get regarding what is to come.

The much-loved Phee is back but unfortunately, she is there for a cameo appearance only. Omega finally appears and she's with Batcher this time. She pays a tribute to Tech in her own way, almost confirming that he has died.

This time, Wrecker is at the receiving end. This is followed by Hunter facing some serious trouble.

Unfortunately, the finale episode, at least a part of it with Hunter and Wrecker, is still in the dark, to really decipher what is happening. Spoiler: There isn’t a happy ending.


The Dave Faloni-directed episodes are not the perfect end to the season. They however do bring a little shock element, but then again, considering how the one The Bad Batch member has always been, the surprise isn’t too much of a surprise either.

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