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Starfish trailer: Khushalii Kumar, Milind Soman set temperatures soaring in this multi-layered narrative

Starfish, releasing on Nov 24, dropped its trailer on Nov 16. The trailer promises a layered narrative focusing on Tara, a skilled diver, who must face her murky past, to have a potentblissful future.

Starfish trailer: Khushalii Kumar, Milind Soman set temperatures soaring in this multi-layered narrative

Last Updated: 03.26 AM, Nov 17, 2023


Based on Bina Nayak’s bestseller, Starfish Pickle, the film Starfish follows the journey of commercial diver Tara, a mysterious individual, who finds love with Neil, a free-spirited musician. Though both are initially hesitant, they fall into passionate love, overcoming their inhibitions to be with each other.

Who all is in the Starfish team?

Helmed by director Akhilesh Jaiswal, the cast includes Khushalii Kumar as Tara, Milind Soman as Arlo, Ehan Bhat as Neil, and Tushar Khanna as Aman. The project is slated for a November 24 theatrical release, and its trailer was dropped yesterday.

What all does the Starfish trailer reveal?

The trailer offers a proper glimpse into the intricate plot, that shuffles between Tara’s past and present. As a conflicted, mysterious, yet lighthearted individual, Tara adores the sea, and diving deep into it. She enjoys depth, secrets, calmness, and the sea is a perfect mirror to her persona, calm and quaint on the surface, hiding dark secrets on the inside.

However, her love for reaching the inner depths is limited to the sea, as Tara has more skeletons than clothes in her closet, as becomes evident in the film. The actual movie begins after Tara and Neil’s love is forced to reckon with the former’s secrets, and the trailer features a racy montage of sex, blood, party, drugs, passion, death, destruction, and spirituality.

Milind Soman, as Arlo, draws upon George Clooney to ace this character. In Starfish, he is a spiritual guru who tells Tara, “Everyone is in search for something. Love, lust, peace, we are always looking for something.” As one rejected by her own family for her hedonistic lifestyle, Tara has been searching for answers all her life, and she is about to get some hard ones.

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