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Surf’s up: Rukmini Vasanth tackles the waves and how now!

The actress learnt surfing for her role in Preetham Gubbi’s next with Ganesh, Baana Daariyalli

Surf’s up: Rukmini Vasanth tackles the waves and how now!

Rukmini Vasanth's role as Leela has got her hooked to surfing

Last Updated: 09.41 PM, Sep 20, 2022


When Rukmini Vasanth was announced as one of two leading ladies in director Preetham Gubbi’s next, Baana Dariyalli, with Ganesh in the lead, it was revealed that she would play someone with a keen interest in water sports. In the days thereafter, the Srinivasa Kalyana actress had posted images of her on a paddle board and of her trying to balance herself on a balance board. Turns out, these were all a part of her preparations for the role, which became apparent when Preetham revealed Rukmini’s look from the film, which included a surf board.

Rukmini in her looks from the film
Rukmini in her looks from the film

Playing Leela, it seems, has ignited a new passion in the actress, who shot for her scenes as a surfer on the beaches of Mangaluru. The team had wound up those portions and will now head to Kenya, a schedule in which second heroine Reeshma Nanaiah will join them. Meanwhile, Rukmini is not letting up on her new hobby. Posting pics of her on a surfboard like a pro and taking to the waves, the actress wrote, “One of the most amazing things #Banadariyalli has given me is the gift of surfing 🤙🏻 I can’t pretend that I am an excellent surfer or even a good one yet, but I can say, without a doubt, that I now love surfing. And this would not have been possible without the wonderful people at @surfingindia. Over just a week of training, they taught me the basics of surfing and how to stay safe in the water. I cannot recommend them enough 🌊Thank you to all the people who have started me off on this addictive sport.”

In another post, in which she could be seen practising the skateboard, Rukmini wrote, “Becoming Leela has given me the opportunity to learn so many new skills and here is another: skateboarding! Shoutout to my incredibly talented and patient lil cousin Amartya for taking time out of his day to teach me the basics of skateboarding 🤙🏻Over the course of 3-4 hours he was able to get me from being scared of standing on the board to skating my way (slooooowly) down the road.”

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