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Suzhal–The Vortex on Amazon Prime Video: The cast and crew open up about their experiences of having worked on this mini-series

Written and conceptualised by Pushkar and Gayatri, Suzhal–The Vortex is directed by Magalir Mattum-fame Bramma and Anucharan M who helmed Kirumi.

  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 01.10 AM, Jun 20, 2022

Suzhal–The Vortex on Amazon Prime Video: The cast and crew open up about their experiences of having worked on this mini-series

A still from Suzhal/Twitter

There is no doubt that Suzhal–The Vortex, which streams on Amazon Prime Video, is one of the best creations from the house of Pushkar and Gayatri. A little girl goes missing in a tiny town, revealing the darkest secrets about the people hunting her down. This forms the story of Suzhal. While Bramma and Anucharan directed the eight-episode series, Suzhal–The Vortex features Sriya Reddy, Aishwarya Rajesh, Parthiban, Kathir, Santhana Bharathi and Harish Uthaman, in key roles. Originally, Pushkar and Gayatri were intended to direct the series, but owing to prior commitments, they delegated the task to Bramma and Anucharan. 

Gayatri says, "Since it involves long-form storytelling, we thought it would be better if like-minded people came on board as collaborators. Both Bramma and Anucharan realised it was a huge responsibility, and nurtured Suzhal like their baby." 

Pushkar, on his part, says he was convinced by their idea of drama, which worked in favour of Suzhal. "We chose Anucharan and Bramma, as we liked their earlier films. I like how they treat characters and their emotions. We didn't want the pitching of the series to be overly realistic or 'too commercial'. We were aiming to take the middle path!" 

Further, he adds, "Bramma has vast experience with street theatre and working with many NGOs, so his viewpoint was crucial in mounting the film."

Bramma claims he decided without hesitation. "I didn't think twice before taking up Suzhal–The Vortex. I just saw this as an opportunity, so that I could learn. The moment I met Pushkar and Gayatri, I realised it was going to be the right association. They are mainstream filmmakers, yet bring in some sort of nuance into their approach, which I am a huge admirer of."

Anucharan, who made Kirumi, adds he was a fan of Pushkar-Gayatri even before his career began as a filmmaker. "More than anything else, I was interested in exploring long-form storytelling. We had extensive pre-production work so that things become easier when we got into the sets."

Speaking about the process of filming, Aishwarya Rajesh, candidly, admits she couldn't understand what was happening, in the beginning. "For instance, Anucharan would direct a few scenes. Then, Bramma will come and direct us. But eventually, I got into the groove as both of them follow a similar pattern. Some days, Pushkar-Gayatri would also be there. In fact, they shot my introduction scenes. It was a different experience as I had four different directors, working on the same film."

The Kanaa actor, further, says the content of Suzhal–The Vortex is quite interesting. "It is shot in the interiors of Tamil Nadu. In today’s time, something so regional has the potential to find an audience across the country, and throughout the world, hopefully, because people are always eager to know more and witness something new.”

Kathir says, Suzhal will inspire many filmmakers to tread the same path. "What is wonderful about OTT platforms is that they allow you to experiment with content and format. I feel there’s a place for everyone in this artistic landscape."

Sriya Reddy says her role in Suzhal got her excited completely. "Content matters any day. If stories are brilliant, the language doesn't matter anymore. The most rooted and local stories today are being watched and appreciated across the world. Indian cinema needs to come up on the world stage; it’s already getting there, but we need to push it a little more, try a little harder."

Suzhal–The Vortex on Amazon Prime Video was released on June 17 to positive reviews, worldwide. Set in the backdrop of a 'masana kolai', which is a festival native to certain parts of South India, the series also intersperse myth with mystery.