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Swades actor Gayatri Joshi and husband Vikas Oberoi survive horrific and tragic collision in Italy

The fatal crash during the Sardinia Supercar Tour claimed two lives

Swades actor Gayatri Joshi and husband Vikas Oberoi survive horrific and tragic collision in Italy
Gayatri Joshi and Vikas Oberoi

Last Updated: 08.43 AM, Oct 04, 2023


A fatal accident occurred in Italy involving Gayatri Joshi and her husband, Vikas Oberoi. Vehicles, including a camper van, collided into the former actor's car. Melissa and Markus Krautli, both from Switzerland, were killed after their Ferrari caught fire. Melissa was 63, and Markus was 67.

Details of the accident:

Confirming the accident, Gayatri told The Free Press Journal that Vikas and she are in Italy. Here is where their accident occurred; it involved numerous vehicles. Thanks be to God, they are doing great.

Multiple images of the sad event have appeared online. The tragedy reportedly occurred on the Sardinia Supercar Tour, a display of high-end automobiles from Teulada to Olbia.

Gayatri Joshi's journey beyond Bollywood:

Meanwhile, Gayatri Joshi debuted in Bollywood with the 2004 film Swades, which received positive reviews. Alongside Shah Rukh, she was the film's main attraction. Nonetheless, Gayatri stepped away from performing after Swades, preferring to concentrate on her personal life. She married Vikas Oberoi, CEO of India's most successful construction firm, Oberoi Constructions. She has generally avoided the spotlight and the silver screen since then.

Earlier, during an interaction with Bollywood Hungama, when asked why she quit films, Gayatri said that she was eager to hear scripts and had an open mind. A few more months, and she was sure some fantastic chances would have presented themselves to her. The former actor was picky because she wanted a part that would allow her to showcase her talents and interests. In fact, that year, Gayatri swept the Best Newcomer honours. As a result of the applause she received, she felt really accepted.

She went on to say that the issue is, though, that not everything goes according to plan. As her profession progressed, she met her future husband, Vikas Oberoi, and felt quite fulfilled. It wasn't until Gayatri met him that she realised she wanted this more than a career in the movies. That's why dropping that idea was a breeze. It would have been possible for her to keep working during my marriage. However, she made that choice on purpose because once she makes a commitment, she likes to follow through completely.

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