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Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah episode 4101 – The tale of furious Popatlal, scared Bhide and a fully smashed cake

Abdul's story will also be explored in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah episode 4101

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah episode 4101 – The tale of furious Popatlal, scared Bhide and a fully smashed cake
Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah.

Last Updated: 10.42 AM, Jun 02, 2024


Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah has been focusing on how Gokuldham society members have treated Abdul so far. Episode 4101 will show whether Aniq can affect Abdul’s views on the members, but there is more. This time, Popatlal is furious on Bhide. Popatlal has a smashed cake on his face, courtesy of Bhide. Just as he chases the teacher, the matter gets worse. Here’s everything that will happen in the upcoming episode…

Popatlal furious on Bhide

Popatlal has fainted in the middle of Gokuldham society, leaving all members worried sick. Popatlal fell because of loose tile. Popatlal had his face inside the chocolate cake and is in a push up position to avoid ruining the cake further. On seeing Bhide, Popatlal cannot contain his anger and chases the teacher, only to fall into the cake once again. Just as Champak chacha tries to scold his ‘dibbe,’ he also trips and falls into Popatlal, who smashes the cake by falling on it in a sitting position. Chachaji holds Popatlal while that happens. While they are still in shock over what happened, Jethalal and Iyer spring into action and take chachaji away. Meanwhile, Tapu sena comes to Popatlal’s rescue. They pick him up while cake is stuck on the face and pants of grieving Popatlal.


Abdul in a fix

Abdul has been getting constant calls from Gokuldham society members. Anjali is the latest to ask for ingredients. Sonu had demanded soap on behalf of her aai, Madhavi. Abdul had already apologized to Champak chacha and Jethalal before for forgetting to deliver the packet of sugar at their home. Aniq notices the same and tries to point it out to Abdul, who has been scolded at despite doing his best. It is now an internal battle for Abdul, who loves his society members but is feeling the disrespect too.

What happened on episode 4100?

Bhide tried to save soap, irking Madhavi, who wanted a new soap to wash her hands. She called Abdul, who slips as Bhide and Madhavi throw the soap on the floor right before Abdul walks in. Bhide still insists on using the old soaps, and Madhavi walks out on him and Abdul. Just as he says, “Jao jao, sab jao, koi mat rukna yahan,” Abdul took it as his cue to leave. Bhide was adamant to wash his hands with the old soaps and even when he almost slipped, Bhide continued taking care of the four leftover soaps in his palm.

Abdul is back to meet Aniq, who calls Abdul out for helping so many people at once. When Aniq tried to scold Abdul and the latter tried to hear him once, Dr. Hathi dropped in and called Abdul lazy for opening his store late. “Aaj kal tumhaara dhande mein bilkul dhyaan nahi hai,” Dr. Hathi said as he scolded Abdul. Noticing the same, Aniq did an eyeroll towards Abdul. Dr. Hathi sat on Aniq’s hand by mistake, causing a funny scene. Aniq tries to cite Dr. Hathi as another example of how Abdul is taken for granted and like always, Abdul defends the Gokuldham society member. Just as Abdul finally listens to Aniq, his phone rings. This causes tension among the two.

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