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Tagaru Palya out on OTT - Dhananjaya's production FINALLY debuts on streaming; here's the small catch

Turns out, there's a small method to how the film could be looked up on its OTT platform. Daali Dhananjaya comes to the rescue.

Tagaru Palya out on OTT - Dhananjaya's production FINALLY debuts on streaming; here's the small catch
A still from 'Tagaru Palya'

Last Updated: 11.10 PM, Dec 18, 2023


Umesh K. Krupa's 'Tagaru Palya' was originally meant to arrive on a streaming platform on December 8 but just when things seemed in order, the team encountered a technical glitch. The issue, of course, would come in the way of the plans to cause an almost indefinite delay in the OTT release of the film, leaving all those who wished to watch the film a tad disappointed.

However, the team has overcome the said glitch and the film, finally, has made its debut on OTT. 'Tagaru Palya' is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Daali Dhananjaya and co. took to social media to make a fresh announcement of the same.


'Tagarupalya' and not 'Tagaru Palya'

And yet, a quick search on Prime Video didn't result in the film showing up on the platform for a few and as it turns out, the new issue has something to do with the title that is keyed-in. Dhananjaya shared a new post on social media a short while ago to guide everyone experiencing this and disclosed that when one enters "Tagaru Palya", as in with a space in-between the words Tagaru and Palya, the film will not be part of the search results. Instead, he says, type in the title without the space as "Tagarupalya" to succeed.

Social media users pitched in with more solutions for the unique conundrum, with some sharing that a quick Google search would lead them to its listing on Amazon Prime Video. A couple of others wrote that looking up Nagabhushana on the streaming platform, instead, will result in the film showing up. 

Nagabhushana, of course, plays the lead role in 'Tagaru Palya' with Amrutha Prem, Rangayana Raghu, Tara, Sharath Lohithashwa, Vasuki Vaibhav, Chithra Shenoy and Vaijanath Biradar playing key roles in the film. Vasuki Vaibhav also scores the music with Daali Dhananjaya producing the film.

"Based on real-life experiences"

'Tagaru Palya' revolves around a distinct tradition or ritual practised in parts of Karnataka that involves the sacrificing of a ram or a "tagaru" in front of a local deity. In the film, middle-aged man Pandappa offers to sacrifice the animal as a token of gratitude after he finds a match for his daughter Jyothi's marriage - except that the beast refuses to "cooperate". What that sets off, in turn, is a series of small mishaps, confusions and surprising events involving a few too many people.

Here's Umesh K Krupa, who makes his directorial debut with the film, explaining what inspired him to bring the story to life:

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