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Takeshi's Castle Season 2 announced: Bhuvan Bam takes the helm as 'Titu Mama' in the revival show

The show will premiere on Prime Video, and the release date has yet to be announced.

Takeshi's Castle Season 2 announced: Bhuvan Bam takes the helm as 'Titu Mama' in the revival show
Bhuvan Bam hosts Takeshi's Castle (Courtesy: Prime Video India/ Instagram)

Last Updated: 01.19 PM, Sep 14, 2023


Today, Prime Video revealed that Bhuvan Bam would be hosting the new Indian version of the hit 1980s Japanese game show Takeshi's Castle. The entire eight-part series is being made available exclusively on Prime Video India. The new season will keep the same quirks as the original, including swashbuckling adventures, entertaining setups, difficult games, and amusing comments. Bhuvan, as one of his most popular characters, 'Titu Mama' from BB Ki Vines, will provide a distinctively Indian perspective and elements of fun and amusement as the participants journey from one harrowing escapade to the next.

The challenge!

To recapture the spirit of the original series, viewers will see an "attacking army" of more than a hundred competitors take on a variety of guards, devils, and enormous foam mushrooms as they seek to storm the castle. Only the most courageous and fortunate will be able to face Takeshi head-on for a chance at a million yen in prize money.

Takeshi's Castle's legendary status

According to Prime Video, India's director of content licencing, Manish Menghani, says Takeshi's Castle is, without a doubt, one of the most legendary series in India's illustrious history of television. The show has a massive following all across the world. As a worldwide streaming service, it is their goal to select material from all over the world that will appeal to viewers wherever they may be. It is with great pleasure that they reveal Bhuvan Bam as the voice actor for Takeshi's Castle Season 2. They have no doubt that the fans of this classic Japanese game show will be in stitches at his hilarious and off-the-wall remarks. For older viewers, the show will bring back fond memories while giving younger viewers something completely new and exciting to look forward to.

Bhuvan Bam's emotional connection to the show and his role as 'Titu Mama'

Bhuvan stated that since the original version of Takeshi's Castle was on television, he has been an ardent fan of the concept, execution, and hilarity of the game show. Having watched the show as a kid and finally being able to express how he feels about it as an adult is a really emotional experience for him. The actor-content creator can't see anyone in his generation not loving and laughing along with this zany show. It's an honour and a privilege for Bhuvan to be a part of this fantastic game show. As an actor, he is proud to contribute a little piece of his imaginative self to the role of 'Titu Mama,' for which his fans have always praised him for portraying characters who are both distinct and familiar. Bhuvan firmly believes that a new audience ought to watch this show.

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