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Tara Sutaria takes on a gruelling role in Apurva: Was jumping off trains, walking on hot sand, and doing all my stunts without body doubles

Tara Sutaria calls Apurva a test of grit, tenacity, and the unyielding spirit of womanhood.

Tara Sutaria takes on a gruelling role in Apurva: Was jumping off trains, walking on hot sand, and doing all my stunts without body doubles
Tara Sutaria's look test for Apurva (Courtesy: Tara Sutaria/Instagram)

Last Updated: 11.34 AM, Nov 05, 2023


Tara Sutaria acknowledges that, for the past four years, she has been on the lookout for narratives that reflect her own worldview. The actor reveals that it's possible that Apurva will be the first film to do this. Tara plays the lead role in the 24-hour survival drama directed by Nikhil Nagesh Bhat, in which she fights her abductors after being kidnapped off a bus. 

Empowerment amidst adversity

During an interaction with Mid Day, she calls it "a Durga inside every woman," adding that when women are put under stress, their inner power shines out. This is something no woman should have to go through, but she considers it an honour to play this part.


Following the box office debacles of Marjaavaan (2019) and Ek Villain Returns (2022), Tara is eager to take the lead role in a film once again. She knows how uncommon the opportunity is in Bollywood to crank out testosterone-driven films. The actor shared that there are a lot of films about men's adventures but fewer about women. She is honoured that the filmmakers chose her for their project. Unfortunately, Tara discovered that if one's movie bombs, nobody will like them. Since she lacks a godfather in showbiz, she could need some advice. However, whenever she has followed counsel, things have gone wrong. Now Tara has to trust her instincts.

Gender disparities in Bollywood

The actor said yes right away because of her intuition about Apurva, which also stars Rajpal Yadav, Abhishek Banerjee, and Dhairya Karwa. It was because Tara believes in the concept of woman power, which is often contested in the entertainment industry, and the survival thriller addressed this issue. She was raised in a family where there were no set roles for boys or girls. When she entered this entertainment field, the actor witnessed massive inequalities and injustices. When the room is predominantly male, she struggles to get my point across. Short of a complete shutdown, her time has come and gone.

Tara assures the masses that Apurva will be a turning point in her life. The Disney+ Hotstar film was shot in Rajasthan, but the production was exhausting. While filming in Jaisalmer, she went shoeless. The actor had to do all her own stunts, like jumping off moving trains and walking on scorching sand. Since they were filming day and night, Tara had to rely on periodic naps to keep going. She went without a shower for a whole week once, and her hair wasn't brushed. She didn't clean her face, and mud got into her eyes. Being a film's main attraction is a big deal, so she set out to give it her all.

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