Tejasswi Prakash wants a 'vacuum cleaner' in Bigg Boss 15 jungle-themed house
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Tejasswi Prakash wants a 'vacuum cleaner' in Bigg Boss 15 jungle-themed house

Vishal Kotian and Jay Bhanushali had been pulling Tejasswi Prakash's leg since she entered and she just gave them another opportunity to.

Shaheen Irani
Oct 03, 2021
cover image
Tejasswi Prakash.

Tejasswi Prakash continued her antics as soon as she entered the Bigg Boss 15 house. At first, she got upset for not having an elephant as her spirit animal. By now, the actress has demanded a vacuum cleaner for the jungle-themed house.

At the grand premiere, Vishal Kotian got the elephant as his spirit animal, which upset Tejasswi. When she got a parrot as her spirit animal, the actress said, "It's okay, I like popat." This made everyone, including Salman Khan and Vishal, laugh. The latter further teased Tejasswi calling her 'Aye popat' but she took it in the right spirit.

Tejasswi then picked everything from a baby pooping stool to matka to an empty stove to take inside the house but food. Vishal decided to make fun of her for that and thus, it became a joking matter in front of Vishal, Tejasswi and Jay Bhanushali. Jay said, "Khaayega India tabhi toh dhoyega India."

While those jokes were still not getting old among the group, Tejasswi made another comment. She asked if they will get a vacuum cleaner to clean the house.

The actress further asked Umar Riaz if he cleans his house with a vacuum cleaner. The doctor said everything happens with a broom and mop.

What was to happen next? Jay and Vishal found another point to tease Tejasswi on. It just added to the list of things they kept teasing the actress on already.

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