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TejRan wedding: Karan Kundrra has an EPIC reply to his friend who is excited to dance on D-Day

Karan Kundrra and Umar Riaz are great friends.

TejRan wedding: Karan Kundrra has an EPIC reply to his friend who is excited to dance on D-Day
  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 02.48 PM, Mar 30, 2023

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Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash’s wedding has been the talk of the town. Every celebrity, associated with them or not, is talking about the same. Umar Riaz now spoke about the big day.

Umar, who was a part of Bigg Boss 15 with TejRan, has shared a very unique equation with them. While he is Karan’s BFF, Umar did not necessarily like Tejasswi all the time.

Nonetheless, Umar is now excited for the TejRan wedding. Even more than that, he is excited to dance at the event. Thus, Umar asked Karan to tell him about the wedding because he wants to set a dance routine.

On hearing that, Karan had an epic response. “Even if you set it you will not be able to execute it jitna marzi seekh le,” Karan told Umar, which made for a savage moment.

All Bigg Boss 15 followers know that Karan and Umar are not the best of dancers. They however love to have fun and thus, can surprise from time-to-time but that also happens very rarely.

Umar made the big revelation during his interview with Siddharth Kannan. A doctor by profession, Umar is currently looking at modelling and of course, acting too.

The TejRan wedding news began when Karan said that he is ready to tie the knot with his girlfriend Tejasswi in March itself. The actor has been waiting for her show Naagin 6 to come to an end.

Both Karan and Tejasswi are yet to confirm a date for their wedding. While she is currently awaiting the release of her Marathi film School College Ani Life (which is also Rohit Shetty’s debut directorial in the language), Karan is seen on the TV show Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal.