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Thalapathy Vijay's Leo: All hidden LCU clues in Naa Ready song

The first single Naa Ready from Thalapathy Vijay's Leo is a big hit. 

Thalapathy Vijay's Leo: All hidden LCU clues in Naa Ready song
Is Leo part of LCU?

Last Updated: 11.16 AM, Jun 23, 2023


Is Leo part of LCU (Lokesh Cinematic Universe) or not? This is the question the cast and crew keep getting in all their media interactions. This question is akin to 'Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali?', which kept an entire nation hooked to the movie and paved the way for the earth-shattering opening for Baahubali 2. It may seem silly to many, but the filmmakers know the significance of this query for the fans of Tamil cinema. 

If Leo is part of LCU, it means at one point or another, Kamal Haasan, Thalapathy Vijay, Suriya, Karthi and Fahadh Faasil will all appear on the screen together. And that would be one of the biggest cinematic moments in the history of Tamil cinema. The immense curiosity around this question is only natural. 

And curious fans have been examining all the promotional material with a hawk's eye to confirm Leo's narrative lineage. And they seem to have hit a jackpot of clues with the release of the lyrical video of Naa Reddy. The first single song from the movie was released on Thursday to coincide with the 49th birthday celebration of Vijay. And inquisitive fans have fished out several clues that apparently prove that Leo is, indeed, part of the LCU. 

The very beginging of the song, Vijay sings, "Thael kodukku Singathaa seendathapaa." And that part of the lyrics directly translates to "Don't poke the lion that supplies scorpio." If you are a fan of Lokesh Kanagaraj, no need to explain the significance of the scorpio in the LCU. Scorpio is the signet of the crime syndicate in the franchise. All supplies of the narcotic material are put in the sack with scorpio symbol embossed on it. The same scorpio sign that was tattooed on Rolex's (Suriya) neck. 


Many were also quick to spot the 'biriyani shot', which has emerged as a fan favourite in the franchise. 

And some even spotted a reference to a tobacco company named "Das & Co," which they say is linked to Anbudoss (Arjun Das) from Kaithi. 

Leo is due in cinemas on October 19. 

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