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Thangalaan BTS video: Vikram is the Tamil cinema king who dares to push the boundaries of acting

The Thangalaan behind-the-scenes video offers a glimpse into the unwavering dedication that Tamil superstar Vikram has towards his craft of acting.

Thangalaan BTS video: Vikram is the Tamil cinema king who dares to push the boundaries of acting
Vikram in Thangalaan.

Last Updated: 12.11 PM, Apr 18, 2023


The makers of Thangalaan released a short behind-the-scenes video showing the massive efforts that have gone into bringing this epic to life. The release of the promo video coincided with the 57th birthday of Tamil superstar Vikram, who is playing the lead role in the movie. Touted to be director Pa.Ranjth's most ambitious movie yet , Thangalaan is set against colonial India. 

Set against the backdrop of the Kolar gold mines, the film aims to bring the struggles and pains of the miners under the British Raj. And it's safe to assume that Vikram portrays the leader of a tribe that has endured unimaginable suffering and tyranny, and his appearance in the film is a striking embodiment of power, strength, and unbridled vengeance. The stunning visual design of Vikram's character speaks to our imagination in a way that no other character in Tamil cinema has done before. 

Even without knowing the full story, the aura of Vikram's Thangalaan speaks volumes about the trials and tribulations his character has endured and the fierce determination with which he is set to exact revenge. 


In the early 2000s, Vikram led the pack with back-to-back commercial hits. At the height of his success, after delivering blockbusters like Dhool and Saamy, Vikram was touted as the worthy candidate to take the place of Superstar Rajinikanth in Tamil cinema. But instead of resting on his laurels, Vikram continued to push the boundaries of his craft. While many of his contemporaries stuck to formulaic roles, Vikram dared to experiment with his characters. He played a bodybuilder, a top model, and a hunchback all in one movie (I), and a top model, an idealistic lawyer, and a cold-blooded killer in another (Anniyan). And he did justice to each role, chiselling himself to fit the part, without worrying about his perceived "screen image." 

In Thangalaan, Vikram's physique is a sight to behold. He looks like he never quit working out, yet his physique is neither jacked nor overly chiselled. It's fluid and adds a wonderful dimension to his character, promising a very visceral experience for the audience. Vikram is not the kind of star who runs behind safe bets. He knows why he's in the profession — not just for the money and perks of being a top star, but for the applause, the ultimate pay for an artist. And he's willing to risk everything to get it.

It won't be wrong to say Vikram is the Kamal Haasan of our generation. Kamal himself once remarked that he started writing movies for himself after witnessing how legendary actor Sivaji Ganesan struggled to find roles that truly showcased his talents. Kamal's concern was that his own talents might also go to waste if he relied solely on others to write characters that would do justice to his abilities. However, Vikram has seemingly lucked out on that front. 

Judging from the behind-the-scene video of Thangalaan, Pa Ranjith is clearly one of the few filmmakers who truly understands Vikram's appetite for challenging and complex characters. The movie seems to have provided Vikram with a great platform to showcase his range and depth as an actor, satisfying his hunger for roles that push him to the limit. Thangalaan promises to be a memorable addition to Vikram's already impressive repertoire.

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