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Art of Love trailer – Catch the refreshing Turkish romantic thriller featuring secrets and heists

Art of Love is a brand-new Turkish drama that is coming on Netflix next month. The film dropped its trailer today and it is anything but blood-thumping and highly engaging.

Art of Love trailer – Catch the refreshing Turkish romantic thriller featuring secrets and heists

Birkan Sokullu and Esra Bilgic from Art of Love

Last Updated: 07.14 PM, Feb 19, 2024


Art of Love, or Ask Sanati (in Turkish), is the Turkish tribute to the French Lupin and English Red Notice by the Love Tactics 2 director Recai Karagöz. The film is an ode to mainstream art heists and promises to be a commercial hit in its own right. Dropping on Netflix, the film has set a Spring release date and features a starry cast.

Release date and trailer of Art of Love

The Art of Love drops on March 14 on Netflix. The streaming giant dropped the trailer to the film earlier today and it offers a promising glimpse into its dark and dramatic premise. The film stars the talented likes of Birkan Sokullu and Esra Bilgic as Guney and Alin, the protagonists. However, both belong to opposite ends of the moral spectrum.


Contents of the trailer of Art of Love

While Guney is a rich and suave art thief, Alin is an honest Interpol officer who is looking for the former. The Art of Love’s trailer features a strange and exciting connection between the two. Guney is an ex-flame of Alin. And when Alin learns of the connection, she is determined to use it to her benefit, going so far as to tempt and bait him romantically again.

But Guney does not seem like a weak player, who is that easily waylaid. Despite knowing of his plans, Alin is going to have a hard time pinning him down. Especially since she does not realize that she became aware of the connection only because of Guney’s deliberate theft of the least expensive, specific painting from a museum, sending a message only to Alin.

But when Alin begins to trap him, she is unaware of the depth she emotionally gets invested till it's too late. Will her feelings get in the way of her work, or will Guney get to reveal his real self to Alin? A kickass, thrilling trailer is all it takes to offer a good first look at a promising Turkish thriller.

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