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The Beekeeper Twitter review - Viewers hail it as ‘movie of the year’ because of Jason Statham and a satisfying premise

The Beekeeper has largely received good responses from viewers. Its delicious action premise, with a dash of relevance and emotion, makes it the perfect first film of the year.

The Beekeeper Twitter review - Viewers hail it as ‘movie of the year’ because of Jason Statham and a satisfying premise
Jason Statham in The Beekeeper

Last Updated: 04.27 PM, Jan 20, 2024


Directed by David Ayer of Fury fame, The Beekeeper was released theatrically today. The Jason Statham starrer is an adrenaline-spiking thriller that tackles a new-age evil. There is a hive of phishers and scammers online that can take away your every last penny and every personal detail. 

Twitter users laud the performances of Jason Statham and Josh Hutcherson in The Beekeeper

The film has garnered a mostly positive response from the Twitter audience, while critics have given The Beekeeper an average rating. Starring the iconic likes of Statham, Josh Hutcherson, and Minnie Driver, among others, the actors of the film have received praise from viewers for their performances.

As for Statham, Twitteratis have asserted that he “still has it” in him to carry an entire action flick on his back. The film’s focus on the current corruption plaguing society is furthered by its action sequences, which were choreographed by the talented Gabriel Beristain.

How The Beekeeper garnered so much love, despite its flawed plot

The Beekeeper is not a perfect film. Its writing is not solid, and David Ayer loses major points for not delving deep into the intricacies of the formation and functioning of the phishing group, headed by a slimy, corrupt Josh Hutcherson.

But what works for it is its odd origin—that of the film being an action thriller led by a beekeeper, where Statham kicks ass. Throughout the film, some viewers were too excited to notice the weak logic and plot, but not all. Jason Statham as a one-man army is enjoyable only if you watch the film for its action and Statham.

But the relevant issue of phishers carelessly leeching money off of people hits its highlight when Jason Statham begins to polish them off, one after another. As evident from the tweets, fans connected with the film mainly because of its proper and creative bashing of evil scammers by an enraged and island-like Jason Statham’s Adam Clay.

The Beekeeper’s plot is centred around the bond between Adam Clay and his neighbour, the retired schoolteacher Mrs. Parker, who kills herself after a group of young and highly dynamic phishers cheat her out of every cent. Now it is upon Jason Statham to recite bee facts while punching the living daylights out of them in order to exact his vengeance where even the FBI failed.

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