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The Bequeathed teaser and release date- Murders, hooded figures, rituals, this horror show has it all

The Bequeathed is a highly anticipated adaptation of the popular, eponymous Korean webtoon. The show recently dropped its trailer and announced its release date, which is early next year.

The Bequeathed teaser and release date- Murders, hooded figures, rituals, this horror show has it all
Ryu Kyung Soo as the uneasy half-brother Kim Young Ho in The Bequeathed

Last Updated: 06.18 AM, Dec 24, 2023


Created by the renowned director of Train to Busan and creator of Hellbound, Yeon Sang Ho, The Bequeathed is the directorial debut of Min Ho Nam. He had previously worked as an assistant director on Train to Busan. The show dropped its teaser trailer on December 21, 2023, and announced its release date as well.

The Bequeathed is set to stream on Netflix January 19, 2024, onwards. It will star the likes of Kim Hyun Joo as protagonist Yoon Seo Ha, Ryu Kyung Soo as her uneasy half-brother Kim Young Ho, Park Hee Soon as senior police officer Choi Seong Jun, and Park Byung Eun as the former’s junior, officer Park Sang Min.


The teaser cursorily traces the plot and offers a glimpse into the bloodcurdling journey ahead. Yoon Seo Ha is a grieving, confused niece who has inherited a burial ground left for her by her late younger uncle. But before she can fully process the information and be done with the funeral, she is overwhelmed by a sudden, unsettling interaction with an uneasy man, Kim Young Ho, who claims to be his half-brother and brutally demands his share.

The teaser also offers a montage of shots that range from bloody and gory, to dark and terrifying, to crime investigations. It also gives a teasing look into the rituals, hooded killers, and mysterious deaths. As these deaths are investigated by officers Choi Seong Jun and Park Sang Min, danger increases its stranglehold on a small society that is shaken by the unnatural murders.

With Yeon Sang Ho at the head of the panel of people guiding the project, it is expected that some of his magical treatment of zombies and hellish creatures will seep into this upcoming Netflix original. Scripted by director Min Hong Nam, Hwang Eun Young, and Yeon himself, the show promises to deliver a gory punch to the gut, while keeping you on your toes in this dark adventure.

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