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The Blacklist Twitter reviews: Fans disappointed with ‘death by bull’ ending

The show’s leading man, Raymond Reddington, played by James Spader, decides to go out on his own terms, when he is, yet again, on the run from the law.

The Blacklist Twitter reviews: Fans disappointed with ‘death by bull’ ending
James Spader as Raymond Reddington on the show

Last Updated: 05.47 PM, Jul 14, 2023


The Blacklist ended its 10-year run today. Despite having had the privilege of 10 seasons, each with 22 episodes, the show ended leaving most of the mysteries and conspiracies surrounding Raymond Reddington (James Spader) as open ended as they were at the beginning. A conversation between Reddington and Agnes, where she tells him that he is such a mom, to which he responds that he can’t help himself sometimes, is supposedly the affirmation we have been waiting for on the Red is Katarina theory.

Fans are not totally sold on that, but the lack of answers on the finale is not the only disappointment – how they ended Reddington’s arc was the worst, they reckon. Here’s a look at what they are saying…

Between #Lost & #TheBlacklist, I don't know which was a worse ending....Red being taken down by a bull or a bunch of dead souls stuck in purgatory for 6 years. I hate you all!

Wait… is this really the end to #TheBlacklist? Raymond gets killed by a bull 😂😂😂??? 10 seasons and everything that he has survived for that ending???

I admit I have been kind of hate watching it for the last 2 or 3 seasons but #TheBlacklist will now be listed next to Dexter as TV shows that most thoroughly dropped the ball from pilot to finale. Its been a downward spiral for some time but wow that finale (pt 2) was just trash

I feel like they just threw ideas into a hat and picked an ending. Who was like I know… Let’s have him die by bull. Also we won’t reveal who he was. We won’t have any follow up with what happens to any member on the task force or what happens to reds fortune. #theblacklist

The writers of #theblacklist final season should all be fired. I haven’t been this disappointed in an ending since Game of Thrones. 10 years of waiting to find out his story for him to be… gored by a bull? Y’all suck. Way to totally foul up.

The mystery of Raymond Reddington, the conspiracies of what happened the night of the fire. The literally awe of wanting to know more about his empire and what he's built.... all went crumbling down because he got killed by a bull. 10 years led to this moment

Strange ending to #TheBlacklist Still not 100% sure who Red really was. Thought we'd get some epilogue at least. It's gonna be one of the most loved and hated finale. Sad to see it end.

What a disappointing ending to that series. No one got any closure, and the mystery of who Reddington really was was never solved. Talk about some Bull #TheBlacklist

I mean I've been watching this series since 2020 and it's been airing for a decade now, and this is how they end it? The strongest crime boss in the world getting killed by a BULL????? AND THEY DIDN'T EVEN REVEAL RAYMOND'S IDENTITY :)

I wasn't expecting all of the questions to be answered but a couple flashbacks and a few pieces of closure would have been nice. The bull was weird. #TheBlacklist

Did they want people to be able to call the ending “bull”😂 #TheBlacklist

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