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THE BOYZ’s Kim Sun Woo expresses “strong determination” in the face of neuralgia and neuritis amid comeback

THE BOYZ face a new hurdle in their comeback journey, with Kim Sun Woo being diagnosed with neuralgia and neuritis.However, the rapper is determined to not back down from his professional duties.

THE BOYZ’s Kim Sun Woo expresses “strong determination” in the face of neuralgia and neuritis amid comeback

Last Updated: 11.01 PM, Nov 25, 2023


Early on November 24, IST Entertainment, THE BOYZ’s agency announced that Kim Sun Woo, the band’s vocalist and rapper, had complained of pain in his neck and shoulder. The agency had wanted to take him to the hospital immediately, but Sun Woo refused to be absent from the band’s performance for that day’s episode of Music Bank.

Not wanting to disrespect his wish, the agency took him to the hospital right after pre-recording the performance. Later in the evening, IST Entertainment released a statement announcing Sun Woo’s diagnosis and his decision. The Korean rapper has been diagnosed with neuritis and neuralgia of the neck and shoulder.

The statement by IST Entertainment is, “This morning (November 24), Sun Woo complained of neck and shoulder pain, so immediately after today’s music show pre-recording, he went to the hospital. There, he was diagnosed with neuralgia and neuritis of the neck and shoulder area, and he received treatment.”

They further shared the doctor’s opinion, which asserted minimization of excessive movement for the time being, along with appropriate rest and care. However, when the agency discussed it with Sun Woo, he expressed “strong determination to take part in album promotions.” The agency declared that they had decided to let him continue in his promotional activities, as long as he does not overexert himself.

IST Entertainment assured THE BOYZ and Sun woo fans that the latter will be joining the band in all its upcoming scheduled activities and shall take part in the fan signing event as well. The Korean musical artist does not wish to cause any setbacks to their Watch It comeback. THE BOYZ’s agency concluded by promising to consistently monitor Sun Woo’s health and ensure he receives continuous treatment as and when required, so that his nerve injury does not worsen.

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