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The Broken News S2 promo – Remembering Sonali Bendre’s Amina Qureshi as the powerful journalist

This might be the last time you see Sonali Bendre’s Amina Qureshi in The Broken News 2

The Broken News S2 promo – Remembering Sonali Bendre’s Amina Qureshi as the powerful journalist
The Broken News 2

Last Updated: 12.12 PM, May 07, 2024


The Broken News 2 is trending on OTT since the weekend. Sonali Bendre’s Amina Qureshi, too, thus, is making headlines. The makers have released a new video, which is a tribute to her character. Amina is a true journalist, as seen on the show and now, in the promo. PS: This is probably the last you see of her.

The promo

In the promo, one an see how Amina takes on the responsibility of Radha Bhargav, played by Shriya Pilgaonkar. She takes it upon herself to not let anything harm Radha during her time in jail and Amina also makes sure that Radha gets out of it as soon as possible. Staying true to her character, Amina says that she should have been in jail instead of Radha. “Har jang jeetne ke liye nahi ladhi jaati. Kuch jang isliye ladhi jaati hai ki duniya ko bataaya jaa sake ki koi hai jo ladh raha hai,” sums up what Amina Qureshi is all about.


The Broken News 2 out now

The Broken News 2 is now out on Zee5 and OTTplay Premium. The show stars Shriya Pilgaonkar and Jaideep Ahlawat in the lead roles apart from Sonali. It also features Akshay Oberoi, Indraneil Sengupta and Taaruk Raina in pivotal roles.

About the show

Radha was tagged as a terrorist and sent to prison. She is back and now, she wants revenge. She has a way of taking that very revenge, but Sonali’s Ameena Qureshi puts her at crossroads. Ameena is of the belief to not let emotions rule when it comes to journalism. Thus, now, Radha is unsure about her next step. Radha wants to go up against Jaideep Ahlawat’s Dipankar Sanyal, who called Radha a terrorist on National Television, thus leading to her arrest. With season 2, the Dipakar vs Radha battle got intense since it came to taking a life in order to save reputation. The trailer and the latest promo of the show also gave people a hint on how there’s an attempt to murder on Radha.

The show is now streaming on Zee5 and OTTplay Premium.

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